2018, June 16 Cannon Gallery [Res]idual: Audie Murray, KC Adams, Tania Willard, Thirza Jean Cuthand, and tunchai redvers

2018, June 16, James Gallery Wider than High: Agata Derda, Laura Brandreth, and Tess Visser

2018, April 7, James Gallery Transition, Transform: Candice Davies, Lois Schklar, J. Eric Simpson

2018, April 7, Cannon Gallery Lump, Slump, and Sunk: Adrienne Spire

2018, February 3, Cannon Gallery IGNITION 6: Hamilton Artists Inc.’s Award for Distinction in the McMaster Studio Art Program: Emily Hamel, Priscilla Loo and Sarah Sproule

2018, February 3, James Gallery knock knock…: Jeremy Pavka and Sean Procyk


2017, November 25 SWARM: Annual Members Exhibition

2017, August 31, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Courtyard Domestic Brew: 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall: Shake-n-Make (Liss Platt and Claudia B. Manley)

2017, August 31, James Gallery Excessive Abundance: The Lives of Still Lifes: Ian McMurrich, Amanda Nedham and Maureen Paxton

2017, August 31, Cannon Gallery After the Hunt: Emily Jan

2017, July 10, James Gallery REALMS: Dina Hamed, Emily Hamel, and Clara Laratta

2017, June 17, Cannon Gallery Never cut with a knife what you can cut with a spoon: Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens, Kelly Mark, members of (F)NOR (Donna Akrey, Margaret Flood & Svava Thordis Juliusson), Hazel Meyer, and Jo-Anne Balcaen

2017, June 17, James Gallery Growing up Queer in the Hammer: RE – Create Youth Artists 

2017, May 28, Cannon Project Wall Domestic Brew: Craft Beer Garden: Shake-n-Make (Liss Platt and Claudia B. Manley)

2017, March 25, James Gallery Guidance: Bogdan Luca, Nancy Anne McPhee and Trudy Perks

2017, March 25, Cannon Gallery Laboratory Ecologies: Jennifer Willet

2017, February 4, Cannon Gallery IGNITION 5: Hamilton Artists Inc.’s Award for Distinction in the McMaster Studio Art Program: Kristina Durka, Stephanie Grant and Jonathan Mitchell

2017, February 4, James Gallery I’m Right Where You Left Me: Miranda Crabtree and Mia Sandhu


2016, November 26 SWARM: Annual Members Exhibition

2016, September 9, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Courtyard 3rd Stage: Reece Terris 

2016, August 25, Cannon Gallery Warmblood: Vicky Sabourin

2016, August 25, James Gallery Topographies: Space and Place :Jordyn Stewart, Nicole Clouston and Singithi Kandage 

2016, June 18, James Gallery Proximities: Nahed Mansour, Lee Nutbean and Giles Whitaker

2016, June 18, Cannon Gallery Open Ended Ensembles (Competitive Coevolution): Stephen Kelly

2016, June 10, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Courtyard Artists Palette Community Dye Garden: Thea Hines

2016, March 26, Cannon Gallery Vocales Digitales: Erin Gee

2016, March 26, James Gallery There and Here: Nedda Baba, Diana Hosseini and Nikkie To

2016, February 6, Cannon Gallery IGNITION 4: Hamilton Artists Inc.’s Award for Distinction in the McMaster Studio Art Program: Abedar Kamgari, DB Kellam and Lydia Santia

2016, February 6, James Gallery Thresholds: Lumír Hladík, Caitlin Lapeña and Rebecca Munce


2015, November 7 SWARM: Annual Members Show

2015, September 5, Cannon Gallery Into the Wild:  Sonny Assu, Jason Brown, Leisure (Susannah Wesley and Meredith Carruthers), Duane Linklater, Alex McLeod, Darren Rigo, Elinor Whidden, Daniel Young & Christian Giroux

2015, July 10, Cannon Gallery BLACK MIRROR: Marigold Santos

2015, July 10, James Gallery The Self: Morgan Kamocki Allaby, Vivian Chan, Humboldt Magnussen and Alize Zorlutuna

2015, June 3, Publication Launch How to Draw a Soccer Ball: Micah Lexier

2015, May 15, Cannon Project Wall Tapestry: Queering the Gaze: JJ Levine

2015, May 2, James Gallery Chance: KG Guttman, John Haney and Alejandro Tamayo

2015, May 2, Cannon Gallery There is No There: Jen Aitken, Josée Aubin-Ouellette, Liza Eurich, Jenine Marsh, Derrick Piens and Beth Stuart

2015, March 13, James Gallery Fail: Royston Mayberry, Klaus Pinter, Lydia Santia, and Timothy de Vries

2015, March 13, Cannon Gallery Visual Poetics of Embodied Shame: Chun Hua Catherine Dong

2015, February 5, James Gallery Traces: K. Jennifer Bedford, Carlos Granados-Ocon and Stephanie Vegh

2015, February 5, Cannon Gallery Ignition 3: Hamilton Artists Inc.’s Award for Distinction in the McMaster Studio Art Program: Cassandra Ferguson, Jin Lu, Alana Petrella and Heather Vida-Moore


2014, November 29 SWARM: Annual Members Exhibition

2014, October 24 James St. N Gallery A Sense of Place: Callie Archer, Lesley Cordero and Claudette Losier

2014, October 9 James St. N Gallery Living Landscapes: Herbert Fodor and Ralph Heather

2014, September 4 Cannon St. Gallery Drawing Blackwater: Matthew Walker

2014, September 4, James St. N Gallery Square Plum and Level: Diane Daniels 

2014, August 7, Cannon St. Gallery Structures, Remain: Gordon Anderson

2014, August 7,  James St. N Gallery Peace Equals Mortality: Christopher Gallo and Mary Kroetsch

2014, July 10, Cannon St. Gallery Here: Berenicci Hershorn

2014, July 3, James St. N Gallery Vibrant Journey in Harmony: CMBear, Doug Brown and Pete Goff

2014, June 24, James St. N Gallery Upcoming Exhibition: Latvian-Canadian Art Exhibition / XIV Latvian Song Festival in Canada / July 3 – 6

2014, May 31, James St. N Gallery A Calamity of Uncommonality : Sarah Beattie, Michelle Manzoni and Michelle Teitsma

2014, May 29, Cannon  St. Gallery Andrea Kastner: CONSPICUOUS COLLAPSE

2014, April 4, Cannon St. Gallery Robyn Moody / Butterflies: Species at Risk at the Edge of Reason

2014, April 4, James St. N Gallery Symbol * Colour * Spirit

2014, March 1, Cannon St. Gallery IGNITION 2: Second Annual Hamilton Artists Inc. Award for Distinction in the McMaster Studio Art Program

2014, March 1, James St. N Gallery Past, Interrupted: Mina Ao, Jason Brown and Gloria Pizio

2014, January 15 [becoming] The Logic of Memory: Corrine Duchesne, Peter Horvath and Anna Torma


2013, November 27, Cannon Wall Project Tour China Yam Lau – Extended April 2014

2013, November 1 Annual Members Exhibition: Swarm

2013 October 3, Cannon St. Gallery On the Subject of Ghosts: Ed Pien and Cindy Mochizuki

2013, October 3, James St. N Gallery Transforming Through Art: Papaprella Art Program

2013 August 29, James St. N Gallery Vjane Gordon: Baroque Poetry / Thirty Hand Words Thirty Fingers

2013, August 28, Cannon St. Gallery Pack Moves: Brendan Fernandes, Rachel Hellner, Kelly O’Dette, Kenneth Raddatz

2013, June 29, Cannon St. Gallery Addressing Nature: Works by Johannes Zits

2013, June 28, James St. N Gallery I GO TO NATURE: ART IN THE NATURAL WORLD

2013, June 5 James St. N Gallery MEMBERS JUNE SHOW – Mexico ii, Beverly Healey & Christopher Healey


2013, April 30, James St. N Gallery Members May Show: ARTISTS TALK, Saturday June 8


2013, March 30, James St. N Gallery James Gallery Exhibition: figures by Tanja Groos, Maureen Paxton, Linda Towart

2013, February 21, Cannon St. Gallery Opening Thursday, Feb 21st, 7-9:30 pm – No Overnight Camping Dagmara Genda & Bruce Montcombroux

2013, February 21, James St. N Gallery March JSN Members Show: Ben Burchert, Ryan Clark, Bill Wehrens

2013, February 12, Cannon St. Gallery Soundwalks with Andra McCartney – Artist Talk & Discussion at the Inc. at 7:30 pm Fri Feb 22nd

2013, January 31, Jame St. N Gallery In the James St N Gallery: The Hamilton Artists Inc. Award for Distinction in the Studio Art Program from McMaster University


2012, December 28 Cannon St. Gallery Opening Jan 10, 2013: StoryBones Selected Works 1969-2012 by Jack Butler

2012, December 20, James St. N Gallery January in the James St North Gallery – Teal Booth & Steve Newberry

2012, November 17, Cannon St. Gallery Artist Talk with Matthew Walker This WEDNESDAY Nov. 28th, 7:30 – 9pm


2012, September 1, Cannon St. Gallery In the Cannon St Gallery: Steven Laurie Jacked!

2012, August 31, James St. N Gallery In the James St. N.Gallery: Erika and Peter Reisenberger

2012, August 11, Cannon Wall Project Bryce Kanbara’s Installation on the Cannon St. Wall Featured on CBC Hamilton

2012, August 6 Supercrawl at Hamilton Artists Inc Events – Sept 14 & 15

2012, June 30, James St. N Gallery In the James St North Gallery: Images: Graven and Perceived – Karen Suk and Jarrod Hogeterp

2012, June 5, James St. N Gallery In the James St. N. Members Gallery, LIKE A ROLLING STONE: Paul Lattanzi, David Lattanzi & David McEachern

2012, May 30, James St. N Gallery JSN Members’ Group Exhibition: Create for Creations Sake, June 7 – July 8

2012, May 8, Cannon St. Gallery In the Cannon St Gallery – Re:Structures
 Roy Caussy, Paul Elia, Annie Fraser, George Rackus, & Irena Vormittag

2012, May 7 The Wardens – Heather Goodchild

2012, April 24, Cannon St. Gallery In the Cannon St Gallery: Past Forward | Present TENSE

2012, April 3, James St. N Gallery In the James St. North gallery: Grace Loney, Erla Daly Surfacing

2012, March 12 Deux Contes d’une Ville/Two Tales of a City – Broken City Lab – Commissaire/Curator: Julie René de Cotret 

2012, February 29, Cannon St. Gallery February Exhibition in the Cannon St Gallery: Have I been here before? An interactive video installation by Lenka Novak

2012, January 27, James St. N Gallery In the James St. North gallery: Kareem Abbas and Abdelhamid Mosbah


2011, December 26, Cannon St. Gallery January Exhibition Openings in the Cannon St Gallery: Jeff Nye – Abandon, by the Old Dirt Road

2011, December 25, James St. N Gallery In the James Street North Gallery – the dedicated Members’ space

2011, November 23 The Annual Members Exhibition at Hamilton Artists Inc.

2011, November 6 4 from 6 curated by Shelley Niro

2011, October 19 John Porter Screening/Performance Friday, Oct 21, 7:30 pm

2011, October 17 The “Boxes” symposium: a discussion on the status of Media Arts in Canada involving six media artists and the audience.

2011, September 28 Bruce Elder Screening Sept. 29 (part of Black Box White Box Small Box No Box status of Media Arts Symposium)

2011, September 5 Jeff Nachtigall painting Cannon St side during Supercrawl

2011, September 5 Liss Platt video Installation for Supercrawl and Reece Terris video Installation/Residency Visit

2011, February 8 Opening of liminal spaces: new century of the city, Friday Feb 11th, during the James St N Art Crawl 7-11 pm

2011, January 15 Auto Agrarian Jefferson Campbell-Cooper


2010, September 1 Visiting from Argentina – Artists Gabriela Alonso and Nelda Ramos

2010, April 24 The Archive and Everyday Life Exhibition

2010, April 1 Mooswa, Muskwa, PuskwaMoostoos-Digital Creations with Immemorial Relations An Exhibition of Works by Jude Norris

2010, January 4 Exhibition of works by Laura Paolini


2009, December 10 Annual Members Exhibition

2009, September 4 The Cubans are Coming!


2009, April 25 Nature of the Body Installation – Elizabeth Chitty – April 10th James St. North Art Crawl

2009, April 25 Window Installation by Tings Chak – April 10, 2009 James St. North Art Crawl


2009, March 20 CARL BROWN – OPENING


2008, June 22 Urban Moorings – Launch of the Floating Sculptures

2008, June 20 Andy Fabo and Liss Platt are DOUBLE TROUBLE!

2008, June 19 – The Urban Moorings Films

2008, June 16 Urban Moorings Photos

2008, April 5 CONTACT Festival and Nathalie Daoust

2008, March 29 Sound Art 2008

2008, March 9 Histoires by Mario Doucette

2008, March 9 groteskes Performance Art Event

2008, March 9 Exhibition by Corinne Duchesne

2007 and Prior

2007  Attila Richard Lukacs Essay by Sky Gilbert.

2007 Environs An exploration of Colina Maxwell, Matt McInnes, John Smith and Mirela Zdjelaric.  Essay by Curator Jim Riley.

2007 Edgey Fred Bilanzola Retrospective: Co-production with Art Gallery of Hamilton and Carnegie Gallery. In memory of Ferdinando Bilanzola (1956-2001).  Catalogue Essay by Bryce Kanbara.

2006 drift drag  An Exhibition by Fae Logie.

2006  Tune In, Turn On, Bleach Out  Marcia Huyer.  Essay by Anne Milne.

2005  In The Shadows:  An Exchange between Artcite, Windsor and Hamilton Artists Inc.  Catalogue Essay by Curator Simon Frank.

2004  Affectations Contact Festival Photographic works by Susan Dobson, Susan Bozic.

2003  Superstition II  An Exhibition by FASTWÜRMS

2002  Allegories  An Exhibition by Catherine Heard

2001 Photophobia 3 screening included recent works by film and video producers from across Canada, including Michael Balser, Pierre-Yves Cruaud, Lisa Hayes, Peter Karuna, Charles Officer, Su Rynard, Kika Thorne, Ian Toews, Jessie Wallace and others. Produced by The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton & Region Arts Council and Trinity Square Video.

Off-site 2000 Exile on James Street Jane Adeney, Michael Allgoewer, Dianne Bos, Gary Buttrum, Chris Eddy, Simon Frank, Chris Hortnett, Juliet Jancso, Ivan Jurakic, Laurie Kilgore, Tor Lukasik-Foss, Machyderm Inc., Rick Pottruff, Marianne Reim, Matt Schofield, Matthew Walker.  Publication Essays by C. Wells and Shirley Madill.

Off-site, 2000 Zone 6B: Art in the Environment Michael Allgoewer, Marlene Creates, Aganetha Dyck, Fastwürms, Alan Flint, Simon Frank, Marguerite Larmand, Mike MacDonald, Shelley Niro, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Peter von Tiesenhausen.
Publication essays by  Ivan Jurakic and Shirley Madill.

1999 Kelly Mark: Messages   In partnership with “Kelly Mark: 9 to 5″ at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  Co-Publication Essays by Ivan Jurakic, Shirley Madill, Cliff Eyland, Eileen Sommerman

1998  Industrial Strength Drawing: Rick Pottruff vs. Paul Walty Publication Essay by Gary Michael Dault.

1997  Communities  Spencer J. Harrison, Soonki Park Schaub, Marguerite Larmand, Sandra Vida & Cat Cayuga Publication Essay by Carol Podedworny

1993  Photo Re:Union Anne Milne

1994  Subconscious Mythologies Ivan Jurakic

1997  Valve Paul Ropel-Morski

1989 Shikata Ga Nai Bryce Kanbara

1988  The Eccentric Furniture Show V. Jane Gordon

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