Spring Craftmart 2017 Vendors

Wilder Wellness

WILDER WELLNESS sprouted up along a journey toward a kind of self care that is rooted in integrity, respect and honour for oneself and one’s connection to community and environment. This is reflected in all elements of Wilder Wellness, from the emphasis on the use of ethically sourced ingredients, to the way nature is reflected in each product. Each body butter, hair mask, and scrub is thoughtfully crafted by hand in small batches, with the hope that every person who uses a Wilder Wellness product on their own journey is filled with wildness, wellness, and a sense of adventure.


BeCo Productions

BECO PRODUCTIONS Despite having several fine arts and photography degrees, it is fibre art in which Andrea Beiko has spent the past 15 months creating, growing, and trying to improve on. She creates fibre art in the form of cross stitching and embroidery. Family cross stitch portraits, plant and cactus embroidery in hoops, and a few movie and song lyric quotes all done on cotton, aida cloth, or pre-stretched canvas. Being a self taught fibre artist has been an unbelievable experience that has given me such joy and satisfaction, and I can’t wait to continue to grow as a fibre artist in the future.


Christina Perris Jewellery

CHRISTINA PERRIS is a graduate of the Georgian College Jewellery & Metals program and creates handmade jewellery out of her studio in Hamilton. She finds inspiration in nature’s forms, and the simple beauty that surrounds her every day. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, her designs are often organic in nature and beautifully finished with unique textures.


 Through Sea & Sky

THROUGH SEA & SKY is a lifestyle and apparel brand that boasts whimsical designs for seafarers, animal lovers, and travellers alike. Ranging from hand drawn stationary, accessories and t-shirts all pieces reflect creator Jessica Negus’s love of vintage postcards, technical illustrations and anything miniature. Jessica claims there is no person out there who can resist a card with a cute animal holding a balloon!


Juliana LaChance


Juliana LaChance is a full time artist specializing in multimedia acrylic painting. Working out of her cozy studio in her home, she creates a new collection of work every season. Her work is often described as whimsical, uplifting and joyful. Over the past ten years she has shown her art all over Hamilton, and southern Ontario. In addition to paintings, she is also an artisan specializing in Ukrainian Pysanky, dream catchers, and crystal jewelry. Juliana is a community muralist, folk and pop recording artist, amateur short film maker (5 short films) while constantly expanding her aromatherapy company “Wonderlust Botanicals”.


Kathryn Dieroff

KATHRYN DIEROFF returned to her hometown of Hamilton, ON and brought her impressive body of work with her. After establishing herself as a force in the Metal Arts community, Kathryn opened a retail jewellery store in Toronto that rose to be one of the top ten jewellery stores in Toronto according to Now Magazine, BlogTO, and Toronto Life. Setting down roots in Hamilton with her family three years ago, Kathryn has created a home studio in which she hand crafts custom wedding and engagement rings, creates a collection of unique handmade glass jewellery, and designs and makes a textile collection for men and women. Kathryn has been successfully running her business since 1999, but has been a maker for a lifetime.


Katie Fortier

KATIE FORTIER believes that everyday should be filled with creative vibrance! As a graduate of OCAD University, Katie loves working and experimenting with different mediums, colours, patterns, and textures! June 2016, is when Katie really got things started! Katie along with 80 other participants, began the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s entrepreneurial bootcamp and competition: Fashion your Future. After the first stage of this program, Katie was among the top 10 budding entrepreneurs to win micro-funding to design her women’s accessory collection!

Katie Fortier’s Canadian-made 100% silk scarves and art prints feature original hand-painted designs that light up the room.


Beasts & Blossoms

BEASTS & BLOSSOMS is the project of Laura Shannon, a teacher and part-time painter in Hamilton, Ontario. She creates simplistic watercolour paintings and prints that are inspired by the natural world around me. Her art features images of plants, animals, and landscapes.


Sunstone Jewels

SUNSTONE JEWELS Melinda Skinner is the owner of Sunstone Jewels, she is a 23 year old Graphic Designer and entrepreneur. Creating Sunstone Jewels at age 20 while in college, it is in it’s fourth year of business and constantly growing. Melinda also runs Northern Goods, a subscription box service focusing on handmade items. She enjoys drinking tea, eating chocolate by the pound, and hanging out with her cats while beading!


Sean Greenberg Illustration

SEAN GREENBERG is a local Hamilton-based illustrator and author who was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. A graduate of Sheridan College’s Illustration program, he is currently creating art designed to make you smile and laugh, while also working on his graphic novel series, The Beacon of Emshire.



The Leather Parlour

THE LEATHER PARLOUR’s Joe and Sebrina are a husband and wife team who work together to support, inspire, and create each handmade leather creation. Their business started out over a decade ago producing horse bridle and tack and over many years (and numerous personal requests later) their focus became more directed on personal leather accessories, and thus their new venture, The Leather Parlour, began. Frustrated with products that didn’t stand the test of time and a decreased lack of quality available to consumers, Joe and Sebrina saw on opportunity to create pieces which would not only demonstrate their unique creativity and style, but put products in the public’s hands which could be enjoyed for many years to come. The Leather Parlour is local to Hamilton, as each piece is designed and created from their studio at the Cotton Factory.




HITOKOO is a line of casual women’s fashion, produced in politically and culturally informed mini collections. Each individual piece of clothing is handcrafted fabric art. From concept to design, pattern to final product, these supple folds speak so you don’t have to.



Hand & Shadow

HAND & SHADOW is a line of screen-printed garments using bleach ink on cotton creating subtle variations in texture and colour. Conceptually, Hand & Shadow is about the subtle tension between the blossom and decay of the natural world, whether it’s tangles of hair or dense forest. It celebrates the spaces that aren’t immediately inviting, yet are strangely compelling.


 Through Sky & Sea

CEDAR LAKE offers an online curated selection of some of the finest crafted, most compelling and sometimes whimsical works by Canadian artists and artisans. Cedar Lake was created by two arts professionals who met at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and who share a love of art, especially Canadian art. The goal was to create opportunities for artists and artisans, and to share their work with those who want more beauty, joy and fun in their lives. Cedar Lake launched in the fall of 2015 offering art and artisan works that make amazing gifts for you or your loved ones. Each artist and work is carefully chosen for the uniqueness of their work and their story, and new work is added regularly. The talent in Canada is outstanding and plentiful, and the goal is to continue to build and showcase the group of artists represented on Cedar Lake.


This & That Design Co.

THIS & THAT DESIGN CO. is a mother-daughter run business from Hamilton, ON. We make handmade makeup and travel bags for your everyday life, which are lined with a water resistant fabric and are machine washable. All of our changing fabrics and materials are all locally sourced. We also recently started venturing into making bleached t-shirts and are always working on new products to release.


Topher’s Beard & Soap Co.

TOPHER’S BEARD & SOAP CO. started out as a need for better beard care than he could find locally and grew from a men’s beard care line to a full bath and body offering for both men and women alike. They started with beard oils only and now offer everything beard as well as natural soaps, skin care, dead sea products as well as bath bombs, grenades and bubble bars. They are in 20 plus locations around the province including 2 in Hamilton.


made-for-you-by-madeleine-logoMade for you by Madeleine

MADE FOR YOU BY MADELEINE makes rustic treats, mostly sweet and some savoury! Because their product is baked in small batches, every bit is a unique triumph of culinary ecstasy. Unique to Hamilton and the GTA, MFYBM mills their own flour on site in an old-fashioned grindstone mill: this process makes all their treats wholesome, nutritious and hearty!

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