Winter Craftmart 2017 Vendors

Through Sky & Sea

THROUGH SKY  & SEA is a lifestyle apparel brand that boasts whimsical designs for seafarers, animal lovers, and travellers alike. Ranging from hand drawn stationary, accessories and t-shirts all pieces reflect creator Jessica Negus’s love for vintage postcards, technical illustrations, and anything miniature. Jessica claims there is no person out there who can resist a card with a cute animal wearing a tuque and scarf!


SUGARBONES is a candy coated art & lifestyle brand centered around contrasting the dark & the delightful, wrapping it up in a satin pink bow and sprinkling glitter on top. SUGARBONES is about being fiercely empowered & unapologetically femme. It is about the power of pink, the spirit in sexuality, and the mischief in magic.

Everything within the SUGARBONES realm is designed, illustrated, and fulfilled by Cheyenne Federiconi, a Canadian artist based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

Madelaine Lyons Cooper

MADELAINE LYONS COOPER creates richly detailed linocut prints and etchings. Every print is a new chance to capture the sparks that make her subjects unique. While at OCAD University she focused on printmaking and began her ongoing relationship with relief printing. She currently lives and works in Toronto, frequently spending time with family and friends in Hamilton and enjoying its vibrant art community.

I Can Craft That

ICANCRAFTTHAT Craft kits for kids that focus on fostering creativity, expression, and connection. Crafts for kids and kids at heart that are simple and open to the makers own creativity and imagination.

Juliana LaChance

JULIANA LACHANCE is an artisan specializing in original paintings, prints, crystal necklaces, Ukrainian Pysanky, Aromatherapy Perfumes and Dreamcatchers.

Marijke Bouchier

MARIJKEBOUCHIER grew up in New Zealand and began making jewellery in 2002. In 2007 she relocated to Montreal to complete her masters degree in visual arts, and since then she has divided her creative time between her art practice and her love of fashion and accessory design. Creatively restless, she is constantly designing new pieces, and loves to get lost in the materials. Every item is hand-crafted by Marijke, and produced in limited edition series.

Glib Designs

KAT DRENNAN-SCACE makes modern and whimsical greeting cards and prints for all occasions. Kat is a librarian by day, stationary designer by night. She is constantly inspired by the city she lives in and the people she meets. She loves making people smile and believes in the power of snail mail.


KS Made Goods

KSMADEGOODS creates many works of art and craft. Her work focuses on Canadiana/naturally inspired items. Starting with original art, prints and postcard sets from her work. She also creates hand bound wooden covered recycled paper notebooks, and all natural, vegan, handmade, vegetable and plant based crayons. All of her  work, from art to goods is made with 100% natural inspiration. Whether the product is 100% natural or has motifs from nature.

Lunaria Laboratories

STACEY SPROULE makes dried flower wreaths, swags, and small dried flower arrangements. All the wreath forms are handmade by Stacey from foraged overgrown vines (i.e. Virginia Creeper) or dried dead branches. She tries to use locally grown flowers that she dries herself. The wreaths she sees are a reminder of time and place. She also makes naturally dyed silks and line, and will be offering silk cloths for tarot or crystals and small pouches with aromatic herbs inside like cedar and sweet woodruff.



HITOKOO is a line of casual women’s fashion, produced in politically and culturally informed mini collections. Each individual piece of clothing is handcrafted fabric art. From concept to design, pattern to final product, these supple folds speak so you don’t have to.


Hand & Shadow

HAND & SHADOW is a line of screen-printed garments using bleach ink on cotton creating subtle variations in texture and colour. Conceptually, Hand & Shadow is about the subtle tension between the blossom and decay of the natural world, whether it’s tangles of hair or dense forest. It celebrates the spaces that aren’t immediately inviting, yet are strangely compelling.


Kathryn Dieroff

KATHRYNDIEROFF has created a home studio in Hamilton where she hand crafts custom wedding and engagement rings, creates a collection of unique handmade heirloom jewellery, and designs and makes a textile collection for men and women. Kathryn has been successfully running her business since 1999, but has been a maker for a lifetime.

Stephanie M Photographics

STEPHANIEMPHOTOGRAPHICS  is  a Graphic Designer from Hamilton, Ontario. She studied both graphic design and photography, and uses her knowledge in these two areas to create unique photographic prints. Lately, Stephanie has been taking advantage of her frequent trips out west to focus on nature and landscape photography.

Eau Claire Resin

LEEMESZAROS lives in the country in her grandmas house where she makes jewellery and small sculpture. Here she learns the art of gardening, harvesting, and preservation needed for her work. She uses resin cast with flowers that grow in her garden or foraged in ditches, and combines them with stones, gems, and metallic leaf. Currently, her line includes small and large pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, collar clips, key chains, and paperweights.



JAMESMETCALF carves and engraves precious and semi precious stones “on the spot”! Personalizing pendants and rings with names, symbols, logos, or even designs. He also designs and creates Gem Lites, which are wearable stone pendants that are lit from the inside showing the  intrinsic beauty hidden in many stones. 

Jennifer Akkermans

JENNIFER AKKERMANS distinctive journalling style has been instrumental in helping her deal with the challenges of life.  The collage houses are made in the style of her personal journals, and were made during a time when she was attempting to build herself a new home spiritually and emotionally.  The work can stand on its own or hang on the wall, and comes with a gravity bar for hanging. She is currently a Resident Artist at the Living Arts Centre.


LISAPIJUAN-NOMURA is a Hamilton based multidisciplinary artist,storyteller and creativity coach. She has been creating mixed media collage pieces for the past 14 years and has a huge collection of papers of all sorts. Her work has been seen in galleries and craft shows in Toronto, Hamilton, and Niagara for the past 12 years. When she isn’t cutting and pasting old paper she is found telling stories with The Hamilton 7, a collective of tale tellers who come together monthly to perform The Staircase Theatre. Lisa loves her 2 guys, Dave and Max as well as black cats and art supplies. She is currently working on a one woman show entitled Pity Face.


TRISHKILLINSN Nature is my inspiration – Creation is my therapy! Following a peaceful meditation practice, I spend an hour or so looking for inspiration in nature.  I then go to my workspace and begin to choose materials to work with. I usually pick semi-precious stones, charms, wood, or chains and begin to create. Once I have created my piece, I will then begin to look for the symbolic meaning in the materials.  I reference stones, crystals and their healing qualities, colour psychology, spiritual symbols…..


ALTER was founded out of the conviction that even something seemingly mundane as daily washing can be transformed into a ritual reconnection to the land that sustains us.  We do this by making products which feature  local herbaceous plants, flowers, and trees as the main active ingredients. By using these products, we hope to being people a little closer to where they live. ALTR handcrafts all products out of its studio at the Imperial Cotton Factory.

Sean Greenberg Illustration

SEANGREENBERG does original watercolour illustrations. As an art vendor, he sells derivatives of his artwork including prints, magnets, buttons, mugs, and coasters. The subject matter of his work ranges from Science Fiction and Fantasy, to political satire.




COFFEECOLOGY is freshly roasted, award-winning, fairtrade,  and organic coffees. Sustainability and social justice never tasted so good.

Made for you by Madeleine

Made for you by Madeleine makes rustic treats, mostly sweet and some savoury! Because their product is baked in small batches, every bit is a unique triumph of culinary ecstasy. Unique to Hamilton and the GTA, MFYBM mills their own flour on site in an old-fashioned grindstone mill: this process makes all their treats wholesome, nutritious and hearty!


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