Ignition 10 Artist Showcase: PautheRebel (in collaboration with pak)

A pink neon Android and a green neon Demon are sitting together in a galactic space. Only two white drapes are covering them as they reach their hands on opposite sides.

Ignition 10 Artist Showcase: PauTheRebel (in collaboration with pak)
February 4-March 12, 2022

We are thrilled to showcase a selection of works by PauTheRebel and pak, one of four recipients of the Ignition Award for Distinction presented annually to graduating students in the McMaster and Waterloo visual art programs. Since 2013, Ignition has provided a platform to ignite emerging artists’ careers through a professional exhibition and dedicated mentorship. PauTheRebel is in their forth year at McMaster University who worked alongside their collaborator, pak, a musician, composed the audio works in this exhibition. To learn more about PauTheRebel, check out their instagram @pautherebel, and to learn more about pak, check out his instagram @natechang99.

Please visit the main exhibition page to learn more about Ignition 10, associated online events, and the other three artists.

Android’s Lullaby.mp4, 2022. PauTheRebel in collaboration with pak, video, 3:56

Android’s Lullaby.mp4 is a collaborative video piece made with pak about the passage of time of the Android while they’re lying down. The Android’s sensory reaction to sound and environment is impacted from the prolonged stresses, including a short period of sensory overload, to which the Android shuts down. This is all through animating subtle facial emotional changes whilst the face is flickering. The refresh rate of the screen is slower, and the Android’s disintegration is only captured at a moment post-stress. This narrates the difficulty of the Android’s emotional versus technological upkeep as we only see their current state of relaxation. Hints of glitching and pulsating show the aftermath, but its glitching could also point into disruption of the Android relaxing. The music, made by pak, accompanies the emotional journey of the Android by enhancing the visual component of the video.

Two young Androids in tutus hugging each other. The android on the left is shorter and wearing white, the android on the right is wearing a black short sleeved shirt and leggings with a white tutu. They are in a pink background with stars and glitters.

Irmãs Android nas Estrelas.jpg (Translation: Android Sisters in the Stars), PauTheRebel 2021. Mixed media, 19.5×19.5cm

Irmãs Android nas Estrelas.jpg is a celebratory piece honouring the sisterhood of two Androids, a love shared between two siblings. It is a small sized 19.5 x 19.5 cm acrylic mixed media painting, with glitter to enhance the intimacy.

A moving GIF of an android in two stages of life. The Gif switches between a small android sitting down clutching a teddy bear, and an adult android in the same pose clutching the same teddy bear.

Android-and-Bear.gif, PauTheRebel, 2020. Gif

Android-and-Bear.gif is a gif animation of the same Android in two different phases of life glitching within a loop while holding a teddy bear. The teddy bear stays static within both phases, staying the same throughout time. Although the teddy bear is perceived to be a child’s comfort item, the Android continues to carry the bear for comfort even if they’re fully grown. Whether or not the purpose is for healing the inner child, this gif tries to indicate the human condition through a non-humanist approach.

, pak, 2022. audio, 3:10

Time was to find a way to communicate the concept of the passage of time that one experiences. One may think that time passes too slowly, or time passes too quickly when in reality time will always be a constant that never changes. This is why the acoustic guitar in the piece is always a steady tempo, much like a grandfather clock, it never sways in time no matter what emotional distractions may be present in front of said constant. I took inspiration from this through my personal experiences of waiting long hours of commuting and driving in previous work experiences. Many times I would travel long distances and think of how much one could have done in the period I was on the road. However, I find comfort knowing that much like passes by there is time that has not passed yet.

Two images of an ambiguous shadow person wearing purple and blue glowing strings around their heads. There’s white outline on their hands. The figure on the left is anxiously covering their face, and the figure on the right is using both hands to touch their mouth and cheek.

Ansiedade em Cor (Translation: Anxiety in Colour), PauTheRebel, 2021. Digital collage

Ansiedade em Cor is a series of captured performances with light to imitate and re-enact instances of anxiety and panic attacks using white lines to outline the non-verbal and non-facial behaviors from the hands. I felt it was necessary to capture these affected areas to give another view of symptoms of anxiety that isn’t limited to just facial expressions or verbal communication as very individual has their own behaviours and responses to stress and anxiety.

The Android with a CRT tv for a head posing in a blue-green-purple background of many shapes and patterns.

Android in the Cool Space, PauTherRebel, 2020, Digital Collage

A portrait of an Android wearing a coat with a furry collar and big bow. The Android has a CRT TV head, and there is a Windows 95 error code pop-up block interfering with the face of the Android. The error window says "No matter how many times you tried, you can't do it. You're just too different. You're not meant for it. You can just sit there and cry like a little baby because society won't give a shit for your identity crisis.

Pop-Up Block.jpg, PauTheRebel, 2021. mixed media, 16×20

Artist Statement:

My works are mostly inspired by nostalgia and experiences of my past with heavy influences of technology and the digital realm. I enjoy using bright colours, patterns and glitter to enhance the overall emotion of my works. This is all grouped in with my current understandings of trauma, mental illness, sexuality and gender by using characters that reflect that and to those who can empathize.

While my works reference the digital realm and the Android, some of them are done through non-traditionalist paintings with glitter and neon paints. By this, I try to explore new methods and ways to conceptualize my works, and sometimes I find the materials on their own formulate their own concepts.

About the Android:
The Android visually reflects my influence from technology growing up. As a child, I learned how to type, watched movies, played online games and educational games; all through the computer. The CRT monitor was always present in my childhood and as time passed by, the monitor that was most present would start to become “slower” as newer  and faster technology was introduced.

The CRT monitors soon would be used as “vintage” or “retro” technology in recent years, and some would be gutted from the inside to become head gear. With inspiration from the “T.V. Head” concept that was present since the 80s, I created the Android.

The Android series were intended to reflect on mental illness and how I could visually attempt to humanize the character through individual narratives.

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