Writers/ Essayists

Writers/ Essayists
Deadline: Ongoing

Submissions are encouraged from regional writers interested in producing short, commissioned text for the upcoming program of exhibitions. We produce 5-6 exhibitions annually, each accompanied by a relevant and engaging text in the form of essays, creative non-fiction or short, narrative works. Selected writers will be called upon to respond to the specific content of an exhibition and produce an essay of up to 1000 words for distribution through a printed text and publication on our website. The Inc. pays a standard writers fee. While all candidates should possess some working knowledge of contemporary art, we are also interested in establishing contact with writers involved in other fields of research capable of bringing a unique perspective to topical concerns in our programming. Writers of non-art backgrounds as well as emerging artists and writers are therefore encouraged to apply.

Application Requirements:

  1. 2 short samples of writing, no longer that 800 words each, (excerpts welcome) saved as a pdf,  representative of your style range.
  2. A short description of your subjects of interest.
  3. CV of credentials and previous publications.

Please submit to: programming@theinc.ca. For more information about the submissions process, please email programming@theinc.ca or call 905 529 3355.

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