Erika and Peter Reisenberger

Erika Reisenberger and Peter Reisenberger

September 6–October 7, 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 6, 7-9:30 pm
Supercrawl: Sept 14 & 15, 2012
Peter: Short story readings on September 6 and 15 at 8 pm, September 29, 2pm
Erica: Artist Talk on September 29, 2pm

Maybe you know how it feels to be at home (or not at home enough) in more than one culture, experiencing the delight that comes with it and the sometime misery. If you do, then you also know the satisfaction of sharing, of understanding and explaining – and the joy of being a bridge.


Erika Reisenberger grew up in Austria, studied sculpture at the Swedish College of Art (Konstfackskolan) in Stockholm, Sweden, and now lives in Flamborough. This year she was awarded with a Project Grant from the OAC for her installation The Sequence – three parts and sound. The exhibition at Hamilton Artists Inc. is the first showing of this work. Erika constructs her sculptural pieces of paper. In the Sequence project she combines three separate images to tell a story of historical development, destruction but also hope for the future.

Peter Reisenberger is a reader and writer who joins in the effort of making sense of life, gaining insight, experiencing emotions or dealing with ‘human nature’, struggling and trying to understand it, accepting or protesting it. In anyone’s life there are persons, original and important, kind and helpful, yet taken for granted or neglected. Without them things would be different, poorer, harder. Most often they don’t have a voice and never will, unless we give them ours.

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