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Jen Aitken, Josée Aubin-Ouellette, Liza Eurich, Jenine Marsh, Derrick Piens and Beth Stuart



Curated by Stefan Hancherow

May 2- June 13

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 2, 2:00-4:00pm

There is no There refers to Gertrude Stein’s quote regarding Oakland, CA and its relation to San Francisco, CA: “there is no there, there.” This statement confronts twentieth-century concepts of suburban expansion along with the simultaneous loss of industry. The artists in this exhibition engage with this concept materially and metaphysically through an obscured representation of object based transference; work is created through the removal or covering up of a form; making the invisible, visible, and vice versa. There is no There removes the locative from the aforementioned quote by making cohesive connections between artist methodologies that stretch both regionally and nationally in scope.


The Hamilton Artists Inc. is grateful for additional support from Beverly Creed and Jim Ruyter whose contributions helped make There is no There possible.

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