Who started Hamilton Artists Inc. and when?

143 James St. North (the first location rented from Herman Levi) was initially rented by Paul Dyment. Frank Zavarella, Mel Shimoda and Bryce Kanbara in 1975.

When they decided to form Hamilton Artists Co-operative, there were 12 original, founding board members who signed the constitution and assumed the obligations of operating the organization. Jeni Dyment, Matt and Shelly Brazeau, Frank Thistle, Peg McNiff, Irena Vormittag, Sam Robinson, Marie Laywine were the other 8.

Why do you call it “The Inc.” sometimes?

It’s a nickname that grew out of the art community in Hamilton. Do you like it? We do. Our official name is nice, but it can be a real mouthful.

Is there admission to the exhibits?

We are a public space and there is no admission to our exhibits.

Do you have to be a member to exhibit?

You have to be a member to show specifically in the James St gallery. Programming in the Cannon Gallery and our auxiliary spaces is open to all artists regardless of whether they are members or not.

How many gallery spaces does The Inc. have?

We currently have two spaces. There is also a display wall on the south side of the building for special projects and a in the near future an enclosed courtyard.

What’s going on with the courtyard?

We are very excited to have this space and look forward to community events and gallery programming taking place in this area. We opened our new building as soon as we could, so there are still some areas that are not ready yet.

We anticipate public use of the courtyard in 2016.

Are you looking for new Board Directors right now?

We welcome interest in getting involved with the Inc, and you can download the application PDF  here.

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