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The Hamilton Perambulatory Unit (HPU) is a group of artists based in Hamilton, Ontario. Members of the HPU meet to perambulate alleys, along the Bruce Trail to waterfalls, and through the city’s quickly gentrifying downtown to explore walking in conjunction with artistic practices and research-creation. The focus of each perambulation is a sensory exploration of the city/self in relation with a pre-read text, artistic notion, or philosophical work, and some enabling constraints (eg. in a set neighbourhood, or by using instruments of chance). Each gathering is “led” by a different educator, artist or writer.

Dates: March 1st, March 8th, March 15th, March 22nd
Time: 1 PM – 4 PM
Place: Hamilton Artists Inc. – 155 James Street North, Hamilton, ON

The HPU’s winter project 2014 is entitled Km2 and will consist of 3 different directed walks within a square kilometer of Hamilton’s downtown. We will start the series at Hamilton Artists Inc. (155 James Street North, Hamilton, ON). From HAI headquarters, the square kilometer is approximately a 6 min walk each direction: North until Murray Street, East until Mary Street, South until King Street and west until Railway Street. Anyone is welcome to participate in one, two, or all three walks, each of which focus on a different way of engaging with the city through images, words, and found materials/ideas.

Each week’s event will begin with an artist talk by the walk leader, who will show some of her work as well as introduce the themes and objectives of the walk. One is welcome to come for the talk, the walk, or both! The dates and research/art explorations of the three Km2 walks are the following:

1. Map Voice Film Poem (March 1st, led by Taien Ng-Chan)
Poet Ezra Pound observed that “In the city the visual impressions succeed each other, overlap, overcross, they are cinematographic.” The urban experience of unrelentless stimuli was what, for philosopher Walter Benjamin, created the need for cinema. Map Voice Film Poem explores the city through the microcinema of videos and stories. Participants will be invited to map the city through the moving image and memoryscape by making a 30 sec videopoem. Bring a digital recording device such as a cellphone, tablet, or digital camera.

2. Flânerie Collect Contemplate Write (March 8th, led by Sarah E. Truman)
Historically, the flâneurs were “men of leisure” who ambled through urban streets and observed, mused and wrote about the cityscape. In week 2’s Flânerie Collect Contemplate Write, participants will stroll within the KM2 as modern day flâneurs (leisurely if only for an hour, and any gender, not just male!) and compose written works inspired through the acts of walking and sensory exploration of the city’s core. Bring a note pad or digital writing device, or perhaps write with a “found” writing machine.

3. Search Gather Research Make (March 15th, led by Donna Akrey)
Search Gather Research Make focuses on the visual arts and how to forage the city for ideas to realize as art works. Participants will be offered some directives and then embark on a walk within the KM2; the participants will gather found materials/found ideas to use as art-making supplies or inspiration for new works. The artwork may be in the form of an art work or device to enable a new way of understanding the city.

4. Final get together share session (March 22nd at Hamilton Artists Inc.)
The work we make will be exhibited to the public and other artists/creators in a final meeting.

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