Hello, from the Spring and Summer Co-op Student, Mychaela Beauregard!

Art is something that can be taken from one place and made into your own, and I find that to be a beautiful thing.

My name is Mychaela Beauregard, and I am a student in the Community Integration through Co-operative Education (C.I.C.E.) Program at Mohawk College. The C.I.C.E. Program is a program that helps individuals with intellectual disabilities to get integrated into college life and to prepare them for future employment and/or programs. The program is two years and has four semesters. In the 3rd and 4th semesters we are required to have a co-op placement, based on our interests.

Aside from reading a whole lot of books growing up, art is something that has always, well, intrigued me… whether it be historical, or contemporary art. I first heard of Hamilton Artists Inc., through my professor at Mohawk when it was time to discuss my next placement. I was intrigued as she brought up their website, particularly with how different and unique the photos all were. The day of my interview, the weather is a bit chilly from the winter months. But as I stepped into the gallery, I had never felt warmer and welcome in a place of creativity.

During my time at the Inc., I have learned about all types of art and what they all mean. I have seen pieces of art that artists have made that try to convey certain understanding. From the shape to the emotion depicted, each little detail is extremely important.

Another thing that I enjoy about working at the Inc. is that it is right in the middle of the most creative area of Hamilton. The downtown area has so much history, and even if we cannot notice it at first glance, or even if it is only a little bit, the art is very much present.

I often work in the front reception area, so come say hello next time you’re visiting the gallery!

– Mychaela Beauregard


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