Here is the theme documentation which could answer many of your questions.  It goes into more detail about specific things you can do.



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Update the blog
Create an event page
Add an exhibition
Alter the home page ‘slider’
Alter a PayPal dropdown
Add or edit images


Update the Blog (News) Section with a new Post

  • The Blog – and ONLY the blog – is dealt with in the ‘Posts’ section (from main menu on left)
  • Go to Posts > Add New
  • Make your Post and hit the ‘Save Draft’ button to save or ‘Publish’ button to publish (top right section)
  • The ‘Preview’ button (also top right) is your friend! Use it to preview how things will look online before you actually publish!
  • That’s it! It should show up as the topmost item in the News section


Create an Event Page (or another page under a different menu) 

  • Except for the Portfolio (exhibitions – explained in the next section), adding a new web page (eg. a new ‘Event’ page) is dealt with in the ‘Pages’ – NOT the ‘Posts’ section.  Unlike posts (the blog), Pages have to be created THEN told where to go before they show up live.  This is explained below:
  • Go to Pages > Add New
  • Create Your Page and hit the ‘Save Draft’ button to save or ‘Publish’ button to publish (top right section)
  • The ‘Preview’ button (also top right) is your friend! Use it to preview how things will look online before you actually publish!
  • Under the Publish button there is a box called ‘Page Attributes’.  In the Parent dropdown, select the ‘parent’ page (for example ‘Events’ if this is to live under events.
  • The page won’t show up on the navigation menu just yet, so
  • Go to Appearance > Menus
  • You need to put the page in the correct spot in the “Menu Structure”.  From the “Pages” column on the left, find your new page title, click the checkbox, and hit the “Add to Menu” button.  It will show up on the right column at the bottom of “Menu Structure”. Drag and drop it to the correct spot/sub level
  • Hit ‘Save Menu’
  • Note: If you don’t do the bolded steps your page won’t show up… even if you have made your page correctly!


Add an Exhibition to the ‘Past Current Upcoming’

  • Go to Portfolio > Add New
  • Create your page and save and/or publish
  • Click the appropriate category (ie Current, Past, Upcoming, etc)
  • There are some dropdowns at the bottom of the page.  They should look like this below: (click on image for larger version)

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.35.42 PM

  •  To the right, there is a “Set Feature Image” box.  You should upload a 490 x 380 image here.


Alter the Home Page ‘Slider’

  • Go to LayerSlider WP> All Sliders
  • On the top click on ‘The Inc Window Slider’
  • You should be in the ‘Slides’ tab at the top… go there if you are not.
  • You will see a preview with the current slider.  The easiest thing to do will be to change the info within the existing slides(Slide #1, Slide #2, etc) or click “Duplicate this Slide” on the right for a new one.
  • Change the ‘Link this slide’ info in the ‘Slide Options’ section near the top
  • Change the Content (text) and Link fields in the ‘Layers’ section near the bottom.
  • In the Info tab under ‘Layers’, add a break symbol <br/> to force a new line of text.
  • Hit the ‘Save changes’ button on the bottom every time you save things!
  • It is a good idea to test how it looks live on more than one computer or device.  The preview in wordpress does not accurately reflect how it will look on a browser!
  • There’s all sorts of things you can do if you want to change the photo, add images, or alter the transition animations.  You can do this with the individual slides or in the ‘Slider Settings’ tab at the top.  You can even go back to LayerSlider WP and click ‘Add New’ if you want to make a completely different slider.  Play around, it’s fairly straightforward!


Alter the PayPal Dropdown on the Support ( page

  • Widget is located (from the left side navigation) at Settings > WP Paypal Payment
  • The configurable options are pretty straightforward I think
  • Click ‘Update Options’ at the bottom.
  • That’s it! The shortcode has already been added to the text of the Support page so nothing else needs to be done
  • If you need to make a different paypal form that is a little trickier.  It can be done through code, explained here.


Add and/or Edit Images

  • There is an ‘Add Media’ button on top of every editable page in WordPress (eg. in the individual Posts, Pages, & Portfolio sections)
  • Put your cursor in the spot in your edits where you want an image to go.  They click the ‘Add Media’ button.
  • You will see an ‘Insert Media’ overlay with two options: 1) ‘Upload Files’ or 2) ‘Media Library’.   ‘Upload Files’ will allow you to upload an image (or pdf etc) from your computer.  ‘Media Library’ will show you thumbnails of images you have previously uploaded (at any time).  You can also more directly access the Media Library on the main menu on the left under ‘Media’.
  • When you upload an image or select an image from the Library the bottom on the left ‘Insert into Post’ will highlight.  Click it and you will return to the main editor and see the image there!
  • You can preview how the webpage will look.  If you don’t like where the image is, or the size of it, you return to the editor, hover your cursor over the image, and see buttons to edit it (pencil) or delete it (X).
  • If you click the edit button, there will be another editor overlay that gives you all sorts of options – to change the size, it’s alignment etc.  You can also (Under the image on the right) click the buttons to ‘Edit Original’ – where you can actually do things like crop the image AND ‘Replace’ where you can replace the image – either with something already in the library or by uploading from your computer.
  • Getting images ‘right’ will take a bit of practice – going through the different options and scenarios mentioned above.

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