In the James St N Gallery: The Hamilton Artists Inc. Award for Distinction in the Studio Art Program from McMaster University

January 31, 2013Updates
2013 recipients of Hamilton Artists inc. Award

2013 recipients of Hamilton Artists inc. Award

The Hamilton Artists Inc. Award for Distinction

In the Studio Art Program

The Inc. has established an annual award to be given to graduating students from the McMaster University Studio Art Program.

The award includes a month long exhibition at the Inc.

and a free membership to the gallery

The 2013 Recipients are:

Emily Benedict   Katie Leaf   Devan Marinaccio


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Emily Benedict   Katie Leaf   Devan Marinaccio

Feb. 7 to Mar. 3, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday Feb. 7th, 7 – 9:30 pm at Hamilton Artists Inc. 155 James St North, Hamilton (corner of James St N and Cannon St.) 

Awards will be presented at the reception at 7:30 by Reg Gilmore, James St N. Gallery Coordinator, Hamilton Artists Inc., and Judy Major-Girardin, Associate Professor, Studio Art Program, McMaster University

Art Crawl: Friday Feb. 8, 7-11 pm

Emily Benedict

My work alludes to the proximity, visceral spaces and locations within our lives.   Place is evoked by the familiar silhouette of the rooflines of houses along our path, the stretch of a fence bordering our road, or the curve of an avenue that impress themselves in our subconscious.

I assemble and construct from new and pre-existing materials. Inspired by the spatiality of my own home, I integrate brushwork and patterns to impose both individual identities and cohesion.  The combinations, play and repetitions of the varied elements evoke associations that build our sense of place.  The motif and metaphor of a house become a placeholder of memories, a landmark within its meaning.

Katie Leaf

I use industrial materials in my work to build a heavy mechanical kinetic skeleton that generates whimsical and natural sounds and narratives. These materials and the sounds they create are often overlooked in industrial environments.

I create these sculptures to present an overt example of the beauty surrounding us in each ding, bang and plunk. These sculptures are situated in a gallery context using an aesthetically pleasing presentation to enhance the viewer’s ability to recognize these discounted auditory experiences.

Devan Marinaccio

My drawing and painting is about story-telling that uses fiction, non-fiction, humour, and strangeness to evoke the wonder, sadness and absurdity of the human experience. The mark-making is inspired by childlike renderings and naivety, reined in with sophisticated editing. The process fluctuates from subtle layering to quick barbaric intensity.  I gravitate toward garish and intense colours juxtaposed with layers of whites and greys.

I focus on images of human life and human fantasy mixed with animal bodies that act as visual metaphor. The ideas are presented in book form and on canvas, because both may lend themselves to sequential imagery mixed with text.

I want to inspire curiosity and a sense of wonder through my stories.

The Hamilton Artists Inc. Award for Distinction in the McMaster University Studio Art Program recognizes the accomplishments of three graduating students, chosen by a jury composed of McMaster Studio Art Faculty. For more information regarding The Hamilton Artists Inc. Award for Distinction in the Studio Art Program from McMaster University, please contact Irene Loughlin 905 529 3355 email:, or Reg Gilmore at


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