Introducing our new co-op student Fiona Enright

When one thinks of “art” what generally comes to mind is a painting of perhaps a bowl of fruit or maybe a seated figure. No doubt one will note the artist’s mastery of technical skill, but little attention is paid to meaning. I will not sit here and deny the beauty of many of these beloved classical paintings, and I am not here to judge those who create similar works. But what I will say is this: it is odd that in this day and age many still retain this narrow idea of art

Contemporary art, in my opinion, is physical philosophy. Certain philosophers such as Plato and Nietzsche stated that art twisted the truth. But to that I say that art demonstrates each artist’s perception of truth in non – linear fashion. The degree of intellectualism I have observed in works of contemporary art is astounding to say in the least. We live in an age unlike any other; art is no longer just a pretty picture but a work of philosophy. And here at Hamilton Artists Inc. I find this idea exemplified.

My name is Fiona Enright and I will be here at Hamilton Artists Inc. as a Co-op student until January of 2016. I am a student at Dundas Valley Secondary School (on the former site of Highland Secondary School) and plan on going first to OCAD for Drawing and Painting and then onto Criticism and Curatorial Studies (also at OCAD). I am very simply an artist. My artistic goal is to depict the human experience; I wish to use art as a means of philosophical inquiry.

I was initially introduced to Hamilton Artists Inc. during a SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) trip to Art Crawl about two years back. I saw an exhibit in which I most vividly remember a video depicting a lion killing its’ prey in slow motion. The exhibit was an eclectic display of contemporary art and I was deeply impressed. My perception of art produced within the Hamilton region had previously been, for the most part, confined to what I had seen within Dundas. Thus what I saw at the Inc. was a welcome shock. Supporting places such as the Inc. is immensely important as it is from these environments that the classics are born. When this epoch is done and we look back and say “who were the masters of that time?” It is those who participated in these sort of communities that we recall. Environments in which artists support each other, share ideas, and develop.


Image: Brendan Fernandes, Slow Kill (Installation view), from the exhibition Pack Moves, 2013.

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