Introducing our newest co-op student, Anita Lee

Hello there! My name is Anita Lee and I am in the Honours Bachelor of Illustration Program at Sheridan College. I also have a diploma in Visual and Creative Arts from Sheridan as well. Currently I am doing my co-op at Hamilton Artists Inc. because I wanted to get some experience and insight into how an artist-run gallery works. I first found out about Hamilton Artists Inc. through visiting the centre a few times during the Hamilton Art Crawls and every time I came I was highly intrigued and fascinated by their unique array of subject matter.

I have an intense affinity for the sky and I do my best to capture its ethereal, angelic qualities in all of my artwork, while starkly juxtaposing those elements with a grungy edge. I am heavily inspired by fashion, makeup, cute things and street art (which is most likely due to growing up in Hamilton, as Hamilton has an abundance of it). My goal is to capture important social justice issues and the overall human experience in a delicate and hauntingly beautiful way. I use mostly graphite, watercolour and digital integration in my work.

I am happy that the first exhibitions I’ve experienced working here are Stephen Kelly’s Open Ended Ensemble (Competitive Coevolution) and our members’ show Proximities. As an artist, I am often told that I am very practical and realistic, and I love the concept of science-meets-art. Because of this, I find Stephen Kelly’s installation to be very compelling. As for Proximities, I have a recent fascination with digital fame and the Facebook installation touches on how easily we can construct peoples’ online identities, and how easily we can alter people’s perception, which is a highly relevant topic that I want to explore in my own work as well someday.

Having grown up in Hamilton all my life, I have seen its art scene thrive and evolve such an extraordinary amount. I feel honoured to work at The Inc., as it is in the heart of this wonderful art scene that continues to rapidly grow and flourish.

You can find out more about me and my work on my website at:

-Anita Lee

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