June 22, 2013Updates

love your artist run centre

To celebrate Open Streets, the Inc. will be open this coming Sunday, June 23 from 12-5.

We have some special activities planned, and want to invite our members and community to join in and have some fun with us.

There will be two activities taking place on the street outside the gallery.

As an organization made up of a vibrant artistic community, we invite you and your families to art it up on the street, sidewalks and walls of the Inc. We will provide copious amounts of sidewalk chalk and we look forward to seeing your creations!

The second activity is slightly more structured, and inspired by the work of artist Gillian Wearing and more recently the “I Need Feminism Because” campaign by Cambridge University students. We want to create a project that we can share around the web focusing on the importance of artist-run centres. We will be asking you to share what makes artist-run centres (such as the Inc., Centre 3, and Factory Media Centre) an important part of vibrant artist communities. We plan to photo-document the project, and are really looking forward to hearing your opinions. Some examples from our staff and board are pictured below. This is also a great opportunity to talk about artist-run culture with those who may be less familiar with what we do.

IMG_0652  IMG_0650 IMG_0651IMG_0649

See you on the street!

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