Our Donors, Funders & Sponsors

View of the building exterior. June 2015. Artworks: JJ Levine (billboard), Micah Lexier (windows).


At any level of donation, your contribution truly makes a difference.

Hamilton Artists Inc. gratefully acknowledges the generous support of its donors, funders and sponsors.

Our Donors:

Michael Adkins          Carol Ashurst          Attakat         Judi Burgess          Kenneth Coit         Timothy Devries          Kieran Dickson         Kristina Durka         Chris Erskine

Leslie Furness         Derek Jenkins          Scott Jensen          Svava Juliusson         Heather Kanabe          Karen Kew          Cameron Kroetsch          Paul Lisson

Alexandra Maclean          Andrew McPhail         Native Earth Performing Arts Inc.         Alicia Owen         Mary Porter          Elizabeth Wakeford        Bill Wehrens


Our Funders:


Summer Staff Funding by the Government of Ontario & Young Canada Works / Canadian Museums Association



Our Sponsors:


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