Our Donors, Funders & Sponsors

View of the building exterior. June 2015. Artworks: JJ Levine (billboard), Micah Lexier (windows).

Hamilton Artists Inc. gratefully acknowledges the generous support of its donors, funders and sponsors.

Our Donors:

In Memory of Jewel Foster

Eve Clancy – Brown
Gary Liss
Gary Engler & Bernadette Stringer


Donna Akrey
Michael Allgoewer
Stephen Jackson
Svava Julliuson & Mark Bernstein
Carol Bristol
Robert Chase
Collab Fab
Peter Pona
Mary Porter
Mark Prier
Timothy deVries
Pat Kozowyk
Taien Ng Chan
Andrew McPhail
Ljubica Simovic
Christina Ugge
Kieran Williams
Allan Wright


Carol Ashurst
Scott Jensen
Agata Derda

Our Funders:


Summer Staff Funding by the Government of Ontario & Young Canada Works / Canadian Museums Association


Our Sponsors:

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