Participate in choosing exhibitions for the 2015-2016 schedule for Hamilton Artists Inc.

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Cleveland, Ohio by Gordon Anderson (Hamilton ON).  Work chosen by the 2011 Annual Selections Committee to be exhibited with Anna Torma (Burlington ON) in 2014



Come and make your voice heard at Hamilton Artists Inc.’s Annual Selections process, where members collectively choose work for upcoming, future programming at the Inc.

ALL members in good standing are invited to contribute by participating in the Inc.’s Selections Committee process.

This is a great opportunity for members to view proposals and artists’ works from across the country and around the world.

Help us choose the future Programming for the Inc!

If you can answer YES to the following questions, please fill in the section below and email it back to us, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, DEADLINE BY FEBRUARY 1ST 2013, saying that you would like to participate in this process:

1/  I can commit to reading through the instructions and artists’ proposals prior to the jury meeting, which are uploaded to a secure website page (site access instructions will be given to the jury). There are approximately 75

application pdf’s to look through which are uploaded to a secure site.  You will need to have reviewed all the applications between the time you apply for the jury and the first Jury Meeting Sat FEB 9th.    YES _____

To view the application template, please go to:

2/ I can commit to preparing notes on the Preliminary Jury Sheet prior to the Committee Meeting,

and will bring these notes to the Jury Meeting   YES_______

3/ I can commit to attending the Committee Meeting on:

Saturday FEB 9th 2013  4:30-6:30 pm at the Inc. 155 James St N  YES_______

Sunday FEB 10tH 2013  4:30-6:30 pm at the Inc. 155 James St N. YES________

4.  I can commit to reading the submissions guidelines full webpage at to familiarize myself with the Inc.’s jury process at  YES______


Your name:

Your email and phone number:

Please add a sentence or two HERE telling us about yourself, including your area of interest (i.e. painting, installation, video etc.):

Please note:  The jury is bound by certain financial considerations and constraints within their decision-making process:

1. Hamilton Artists Inc. is an artist run centre. As such the Inc. MUST pay CARFAC fees to artists exhibiting in the Cannon St Gallery (currently $1688 per solo exhibition) For more information on CARFAC fees please refer to: 

2.  The additional costs related to each exhibition provided by the gallery are exhibition cards ($80 basic colour print run of 300 cards, produced locally, cost increases with size of card and print run), advertising ($125 web -1500 magazine/newspaper) brochure production ($300 basic brochure to $4000 for larger catalogues), curator fees (25% of costs), writer fees ($100-300 per writer), installation costs (dependent on cost of equipment rental, hiring specialized preparators, etc.), shipping (dependent on size/weight of artwork and on local/national/international rates, return travel (dependent on artist’s place of departure), per diem and accommodation ($150 per day X number of days necessary to install) and specialized requests, insurance ($1000 deductible).

3.  The Inc. has no guaranteed funding for these exhibitions.  The Programming Director writes organizational project grants for exhibitions funding for each of the jury’s selections.  Grant applications cover the costs of artist fees, installation costs, travel, shipping, workshop fees, per diem, etc.  These grant proposals have no guarantee of success since the competition is open to galleries and collectives nationally and only a limited number of projects can be funded.

4. Accordingly,  the Inc. is limited to 6-7 Cannon St. Gallery CARFAC fee exhibitions per year.  The very basic essentials of exhibitions which do not receive organizational project grant funding are covered by a limited operating grant (which also covers the organization’s operating costs such as salary, hydro, heat, security, maintenance costs etc.),  or through the fundraising initiatives of our member-based organization. 

5. Our funding limitations allow us to make only a very small contribution to the travel and shipping costs of the artists ($50 Local, $100 Provinicial, $200 International).  This is the situation unless more funds are raised through successful organizational project grants or other fundraising methods.  Creation costs for exhibitions are the responsibility of the artist.  For more information about individual artist project funding for the creation aspect of artist exhibitions, please refer to: or

Thanks for your help, and we look forward to seeing you!

Any further questions regarding the Annual Selections Committee may be directed to
Irene Loughlin, Programming Director

For more information, questions or concerns please call us at 905 529 3355 or email

Hamilton Artists Inc. gratefully acknowledges the support of:

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