Rock – Paper – Scissors

L J Ott image

C Priamo Image


Linda Joyce Ott and Carol Priamo

May 8 – 31, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday May 8, 7:00 – 9:30pm [Artists will be in attendance)


Artists play a version of “Rock – Paper – Scissors” every time they create. Hands, choice and chance are common both to this popular game and to making a work of art. In art-making, hands wield a vast assortment of tools to transform ideas and materials into something unique. And throughout the creative process, endless selections, purposeful placements and random chance mysteriously combine into the final creation.

Through painting, photography and collage, the artists in this exhibition tease the essence of rock, paper and scissors to create fresh, spirited works.

Image Credits:
Top: Linda Joyce Ott, Hard Core 2, 2013
Bottom: Carol Priamo, Making an Entrance, 2014

Linda Joyce Ott makes conceptual and abstract paintings, photographs, and 3D boxes. Her art has been exhibited in Hamilton, Toronto and Alberta, including the Toronto Outdoors Art Exhibition, Hugh’s Room and Visual Arts Ontario. Her photographs have appeared in Art Focus, Photo Life, and Camera Canada magazines, and in The Hamilton Spectator.

Carol Priamo’s extensive practice in photography, design and digital media combine with her passion for architecture to produce tapestry-like collages, multi-layered montages and colourful abstracts. She has been exhibiting her work for over 15 years in Hamilton, Toronto, and Vancouver and is a published author.

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