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An exterior view of the Inc’s building. In the image, Artist Catherine Blackburn’s artwork is displayed on a billboard attached to the Cannon Street-facing wall of the Inc. A large group of people are gathered in front of the building.

View of the building exterior. September 2019. Artwork: Catherine Blackburn (billboard).

Annual Giving Campaign 2020

At any level of donation, your contribution truly makes a difference.

Please consider making a donation in support of our many upcoming programs. Our Giving Categories & Benefits chart will help you select a donation that suits your desired level of support.

Dear Friend of the Inc., 

It’s been a hard year with a lot of change and uncertainty about the future. The Inc. has been hard at work adapting and shifting our community programming to offer professional development workshops, artist talks, a Special Projects stream, screening series, and Photophobia: Contemporary Moving Image Festival. Over the last 6 months these programs have engaged 50 artists and had over 1500 online participants. These programs have brought people together to enjoy and engage with art, facilitated great discussions, and provided opportunities for artists to develop new skills as we transition into a new way of engaging with art and the world around us. 

As an organization that fosters community learning and exchange, we are asking you to support the Hamilton Artists Inc. through a financial donation so we can continue to offer community programming facilitated by risk-taking, experimental, contemporary artists!

By donating to the Inc.’s community programming you will be helping artists receive paid and equitable opportunities to create, exhibit and discuss their artistic practices. Your support will allow us to expand on our community partnerships, as well as reach more people in the community to enjoy free, quality arts programming. 

Please view our Giving Categories and Benefits Chart to select the best match for your generous donation. You will be prominently acknowledged for your gift as per the giving categories outlined. Donations over $25 will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Adrienne Crossman

Co-Chair, Board of Directors
Hamilton Artists Inc.

Ashley Watson

Co-Chair, Board of Directors
Hamilton Artists Inc.

Giving Chart & Benefits

An image of the Giving Form, which can be downloaded in text-form below.

Click here to download the giving form
Click here to download a text version of the giving form

Your support will allow us to continue to run free and accessible programming to all members of the community. Donors will be prominently acknowledged according to their contribution level in an upcoming Inc. publication or verbally at an event. Donors will receive a charitable tax receipt for donations over $25.00.

There are a number of ways you can make your donation today:
Directly through our website
By visiting our Canada Helps page
Or, by cheque made payable to Hamilton Artists Inc. and mailed to:
P.O. Box 57125 Jackson Station
2 King Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4W9

Hamilton Artists Inc. gratefully acknowledges the generous support of its donors, funders and sponsors.

Our Donors:

Erik Oneill | Timothy DeVries | J Mark Walton | Karen Kew | Tor Foss | Julia van der Laan de Vries | Richard Milne | Karla Rivera | Tobi Bruce | Lela Radisevic | Craig MacDonald | Ashley Watson | Katherine Roy | Joshua Winker | Stevan Garic | Taien Ng-Chan | Sonia Ai Maio | David Beckett | Audrey Beaulne | Jeffrey Kenney | Brandi MacDonald | Samantha Richter | Edward Shaw | Evelyn Lee | Sarah Sproule | Audrey Beaulne | Marina Helwig-Ostler | Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay | Trisha Lavoie | Lisa Chupa | Jeffrey Kenney | Sandra Cowan | Steacy Easton | Derek Jenkins | Sam Layard | James MacNevin | Mary Anne Dunn | Lauren Harnish | Margaret Stagg | Allison Warwick | Monica miller | Tess Visser | Shauna Taylor | Clara Congdon | Sonali Menezes | Kathleen Drennan-Scace | Madeleine  Krusto | Courtney Hamara | Adrienne Crossman | Danielle Daigle | Janette Pearce | Roohi Kailey | Melissa Charles | Josephine Minhinnett | Heather Cozens | Andrea Krueger | Kathleen Drennan-Scace | Rosita Carobelli | Lucy Howe | Elizabeth Scheid | Lauren Harnish | Natalie Shakespear | Sarah Kernohan | Emma Davis | Jennifer Alger | Ruth Cioban | Dave Shakespear | Corrine Tam | Shawn Smith | Danielle Daigle | Olivia Brouwer | Sam Cameron | Shawn Smith | Sandra Rankin | Matt Hortobagyi | Alexa MacKenzie

Our Funders:

An image containing the logos for Hamilton Community Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts, The City of Hamilton, Ontario Arts Council and Incite Foundation for the Arts.

Summer Staff Funding by the Government of Ontario & Young Canada Works / Canadian Museums Association
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Our Sponsors:

Thank you for making Hamilton Artists Inc. your artist run centre!

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