Spring 2018 Craft Mart Vendors

The spring Craft Mart* is taking place on Friday, June 8, 2018 at Hamilton Artists Inc. during art crawl (6 – 11 pm). Free admission, all are welcome!


Little Love Birds

LITTLE LOVE BIRDS is a sustainable children’s goods company, proudly made in Hamilton, Ontario. Owner Ariane Clark designs and creates all items from a curated collection of sweet and playful vintage fabrics. Little Love Birds product line includes children’s clothing; dresses, rompers, pants, and bloomers for ages newborn to 6 years old, as well as baby bedding; crib & bassinet sheets, change pad covers, and baby hankies. Every item is unique and some pieces are truly one of a kind since Little Love Birds repurposes small batches of vintage fabric. Little Love Birds offers beautiful, affordable, and environmentally sustainable pieces that are the next generation of hand-me-downs. Little Love Birds aims to be a zero waste operation with all scraps repurposed into newborn sized clothing or used as stuffing for pet beds donated to local animal shelters.


BeCo Productions

BECO PRODUCTIONS Despite having several fine arts and photography degrees, it is fibre art in which I have spent the past 3 years creating, growing, and trying to improve on. Being a self taught fibre artist has been an unbelievable experience that has given me such joy and satisfaction, and I cannot wait to continue to grow as a fibre artist in the future.



Sunstone Jewels

SUNSTONE JEWELS Melinda Skinner is a 24 year old graphic designer living in Hamilton Ontario, born in Welland. She began her business in 2014 while attending college and turned her part time hobby into her full time career. Her favourite past times re supply shopping, eating vegan baked goods, and watching Netlifx with her two cats.


Hand & Shadow

HAND & SHADOW is a line of screen-printed garments using bleach ink on cotton creating subtle variations in texture and colour. Conceptually, Hand & Shadow is about the subtle tension between the blossom and decay of the natural world, whether it’s tangles of hair or dense forest. It celebrates the spaces that aren’t immediately inviting, yet are strangely compelling.


Eleanor Rosa Felt

ELEANOR ROSA FELT My husband and I create a wide variety of decorative floral and botanical items out of a high quality wool blend felt and 100% wool blends. These items include such things as potted succulents, terrariums, bouquets, potted felt houseplants, floral brooch/coat pins, hair accessories and other home decor items. We love custom work and have created delightful wedding bouquet recreations for our clients. We also make a line of pet rocks we call “Stone Softies”, made from wool felted into a “stone”. These little guys are full of character!



GIRLCANCREATE aka Lisa Pijuan-Nomura is a local multidisciplinary artist, storyteller and creativity coach.  She has lived and worked in Hamilton for the past 6 years and exhibits her work at galleries and craft shows in both Hamilton and Toronto.  She is the founder of Handmade Hamilton, a holiday craft show that takes place at the history Staircase Theatre.


 Through Sea & Sky

THROUGH SEA & SKY is a lifestyle and apparel brand that boasts whimsical designs for seafarers, animal lovers, and travellers alike. Ranging from hand drawn stationary, accessories and t-shirts all pieces reflect creator Jessica Negus’s love of vintage postcards, technical illustrations and anything miniature. Jessica claims there is no person out there who can resist a card with a cute animal holding a balloon!


Global Apothecary

GLOBAL APOTHECARY I have worked in many mediums. Currently my favourite is soap. I approach soap as art. I add mica, botanicals, herbs, spices, oils, etc. to create stunning visuals and intoxicating scent blends. I use the highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the world. Fair trade Shea butter from Burkino Faso, Frankincense from India, Sweet Orange from Italy, Canadian honey, Lime from Peru, Salt from the Himalayans. The scents are so wonderful, I once gave a bar of Lemon Poppyseed soap to a neighbour who took a big bite out of it before I could stop him. Poor fellow thought it was a dessert.

Glib Designs

GLIB DESIGNS I started making cards a few years ago as an outlet for my creativity. I quickly fell in love with both the process and the end product but especially how happy it made people to receive my cards. While it was fun to give people cards for a specific occasion, my favourite cards are the ‘just thinking about you’ types. Currently my cards are for sale at craft shows but I’m hoping soon to have them available on etsy.com. Stay tuned!


Cheeky Doodles

CHEEKY DOODLES My name is Tyler Jeffrey, owner and creator of Cheeky Doodles, where we put the butt in BUTTons. I started this business for two reasons: to make people smile, and to help animals. With each purchase I donate some of the proceeds to local animal charities and shelters.



SUBURB ZEN Trish Killins is a Hamilton native who is enthusiastic about the growth of her hometown. She has been a passionate creator using many mediums throughout her life. Following a motor vehicle accident, she was left coping with a mental health diagnosis which put her in a position of needing to step away from her career as a Financial Analyst. It was through these challenges that she was able to gain insight into the benefits of creative therapy as a holistic coping tool. Inspired by nature, her creations of intention support mental health awareness, empowerment and personal growth. Facilitating creative therapy workshops within the region she aims to aide others in finding a peace light and love from within through creation, mindfulness and meditation. 


Glittering Magpie

GLITTERING MAGPIE Glitter lovers flock to my gems like magpie birds to shiny things. I make handmade resin pendants using recycled vintage prints and fabrics, handwritten text and…glitter of course. I mix together a kitch-y handmade aesthetic and bubble gum sweet florals with kick ass feminist politics – sort of dreamy. My feminist pendants read ‘feminist as fu*k,’ ‘ cats against cat calls,’ and ‘smash the patriarchy,’ among others, while my plant-inspired line reads ‘I belong where the green things are,’ ‘plant a garden,’ and ‘plant magic.’ My line of zines cover topics of mental health, self-help, racialization and poetry, while my prints focus on body positivity and empowerment.


The Lucky Navigator

THE LUCKY NAVIGATOR I’m an art love, creator and traveler with a BA in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. I’m usually busy making things, teaching art classes or going on a new adventure! The Lucky Navigator is a creative outlet filled with all my special creations, that I would like to share with all of you. The name is a product of two special pups in my life, past and present, as well as my impeccable luck in getting to my travel destinations, despite my horrible sense of direction. I hope that my little creations make you smile, feel inspired and get you ready for your next adventure, no matter how big or small it may be.


My Dad and Me

MY DAD AND ME We create handmade, wood burned everyday ornaments, home accessories and an ever evolving collection of pieces created from birch, reclaimed wood and natural materials. All made with love by my dad and me.


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