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Michel Boulanger, Champ temoin Chapitre 1_Monter, images animees pour deux ecrans, 2008

Workshop with Featured Artist
Michel Boulanger
Drawing in Traveling
Saturday April 13th

2-5 PM

Register here or call Andrea at 905.529.3355

This workshop will consist of the creation of experimental drawings that will be used for the production of a video. Participants will be producing drawings to be scanned and documented by a moving camera and function as an imaginary road for the viewer to follow in a video. These drawings will never be completely viewed as a whole but will be progressively revealed as they travel in the 3D animation film. Participants are asked to create graphic drawings that will create dynamic views for the virtual camera, experimenting with curves, repetition, space between lines, and density. The result of these images should in the end appear as a virtual road trip as the eye of the camera progressively reveals the marks left by the artist’s drawings.

The different drawings will be scanned and assembled in a large collective creation to produce a long cinematic experience .

There is a small material fee due on the workshop date (approx $5-10)

See an example of his video Champ Témoin.

To learn more about the Ferme modèle project, visit its official website

Michel Boulanger is concentrating on pictorial and graphic experiments in his practice. Through 3D works he manipulates and transforms objects by adjusting angles and lighting in order to create different textural compositions. Control Field’s, his video installation is currently at the Hamilton Artist’s Inc. 

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