Due November 1st 2014

Hamilton Artists Inc. is currently accepting applications for both its James and Cannon Galleries as well as its Cannon Project Wall space.

The Cannon Gallery is a juried exhibition space, accepting local, national and international applications and paying full CARFAC fees. The Cannon Project Wall is an outdoor exhibition platform measuring 8′ x 36′. Artists may also choose to apply to the James Gallery which is primarily a members exhibition space. There are four specific calls for the James Gallery listed below. Please refer to the descriptions of the Galleries to decide which is more appropriate for your needs/ practice.

CLICK HERE to download a floor-plan of Hamilton Artists Inc.’s exhibition spaces.
A 3D sketchup model of the gallery can be accessed HERE

Please read on for details.


Hamilton Artists Inc.’s exhibition schedule is committed through to 2016.  The current deadline for submissions is NOVEMBER 1st.

Please check the website for details on submission requirements.  If there is a lack of proposals for any deadline, the Inc. may extend the deadline date. Extended deadlines are posted on our website.


We are looking for dynamic proposals from artists and curators at various stages of their careers and from across disciplines. The main criteria for selections in the Cannon Gallery is to fulfill the Inc.’s mandate and objectives.  Additionally, as an artist-run centre, the Inc. is interested in works that have potential impact, push boundaries and engage with critical, conceptual and/or experimental contexts.

Additional Criteria: The Inc. is mandated to exhibit a range of disciplines and career levels (emerging, mid-career and established), and to exhibit a cross-section of artists from local, regional and national communities.  The Inc. supports international visits where possible.  The Selections Committee for the Cannon St Gallery takes place annually and chooses 2 to 4 exhibitions 2 to 3 years in advance for the exhibition schedule.  The Selections Committee is dedicated to diversity in the selections process.  The Programming Coordinator curates one exhibition of their choice per year.  Special projects are chosen by the Annual Selections Committee (including off-site projects, installations for the Cannon Project Wall and front reception area).  Special projects are mounted whenever possible, dependent upon the success of securing funds.


Artist Application Form
Curator Application Form

Please note: We ask that you submit all information on a CD or via email to Please indicate that this submission is for the Cannon Gallery. Submissions (excluding images) should be merged into a single pdf.  Paper submissions .

Notification can be expected approximately 3 months following the jury date, by email.  Please note that the adjudication process takes several months to prepare and carry through after the submission deadline.

Hamilton Artists Inc. is an Artist-Run Centre.  To read about the history of Artist-Run Centre culture in Canada, please download the Canada Council for the Arts Report by clicking on: thedistinctroleofartistruncentresinthevisualartsecology

For further information regarding the selections process, please contact



Submissions to exhibit in the James Gallery are based on annual juried calls developed by the Programming Committee. You must be a member in good standing to exhibit in this space. Priority is given to members who have not previously exhibited. The James Gallery provides a professional platform for member artists to exhibit current work. Once confirmed, exhibiting artists are encouraged to apply to the Ontario Arts Council’s Exhibition Assistance Program to help with the costs associated with mounting exhibitions.

Please see here to make donations to support the operating costs of both galleries.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 2015 Programming year

Deadline: November 1st, 2014

There are four members’ exhibitions in the 2015 programming year. Please browse the calls below. You may apply to more than one call, but you must fill out the application form in full and submit each application separately.

All submissions must be emailed to with the subject line: [Title of Exhibition]_Your Name.

NO PAPER submissions.

Please note that the exhibition schedule is subject to change.

Please Note: It can take an average of 2-3 months after the application deadline for the committee to come to its decision. Please be patient. Only successful candidates will be contacted.



February 5 – February 28, 2015

CLICK HERE to download application form

Hamilton Artist Inc. invites Alumni of McMasterʼs Studio Art Program to submit images of their recent artwork to be considered for exhibition as a component of the show Ignition 3. There is no theme to the exhibition, however we are interested in exploring how your practice has evolved since your graduation from the Studio Art Program. The Incʼs Programming Committee will review all proposals, identifying commonalities and contrasts within the submissions in order to create a dynamic exhibition.

This show will run concurrent with Ignition 3, an exhibition featuring the work of recipients of Hamilton Artists Inc.ʼs Award for Distinction in the Studio Art Program in partnership with McMaster University. The Programming Committee perceives the potential juxtaposition of works by alumni and current students as a valuable opportunity and learning experience for the emerging artists in Ignition 3 and a chance to celebrate the impact of the Studio Arts Program in our community. The alumni artists in this exhibition and students in Ignition 3 will hold a panel discussion reflecting on their practice, the influence of their experience at McMaster, as well as discuss how to maintain an active critical practice once out of a academic setting.



March 12 – April 18, 2015

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Failure is often seen as the state of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, the opposite of success. In a studio practice however, failure can often be more valuable than success, as the artwork that fails to meet oneʼs objectives, can be used as the counterpoint to a body of work, or possibly open new routes for exploration. Although initially deflating, failure can be a tool to leverage possibility from the mundane becoming fertile ground for innovation.

For the exhibition Fail, the Inc. invites its members to submit works in any medium that explore the potentials of failure including works that did not live up to your expectations, be it conceptually, aesthetically, or technically. We are not interested in representations of failure, but actual failed works – the pieces you hide at the back of your studio and never show anyone, outliers to your practice, aborted attempts, the bastard children of your studio practice.



April 30 – June 11, 2015

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Artists who investigate chance intentionally pursue an unexpected result, a result that captures the occurrence or development of a sequence of events outside the parameters of a predetermined outcome. The territory between intention and an unintentional outcome may be used as a strategy for creating artworks where the process of generating the work is often considered the finished work in and of itself. Invoking unpredictability challenges our own ideas about what an artwork may be, look like, or say about the process of making art in the studio. Chance may begin with a simple observation, a daily activity such as walking, or it may be the result of a system or set of parameters within which an artist may simply witness what occurs.

For this open call exhibition, the Inc. is interested in showcasing the work of members who intentionally court the unintentional in their studio practice.



July 9 – August 15, 2015

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I am from there. I am from here. I am not there and I am not here. I have two names, which meet and part, and I have two languages. I forget which of them I dream in. -Mahmoud Darwish

 In the exhibition, The Self, Hamilton Artists Inc. is seeking artworks that explore immigrant experiences, the concept of a fragmented self, and hybrid identities. Our cultural heritage and backgrounds inform how we approach and engage with the world around us making up the individual self. Art making is a practice that allows for the exploration of both multiculturalism and notions of belonging. The works that comprise

The Self will offer unique representations of cultural diversity and the complexities of personal identity as individuals negotiate tensions between that which is considered home and that which is away. The artists featured in the exhibition will give form to their personal experiences foregrounding the diversity of our community and celebrating the multiplicity of Hamilton itself.



For more information, please email

The Inc always welcomes new members, who will then be eligible to exhibit in this space. Please go to:


Gallery Specifications

CLICK HERE   to download floorplan

A 3D sketchup model of the gallery can be accessed HERE

Hamilton Artists Inc consists of two gallery spaces – A Main Gallery at 49′ X 21’9” and a Members’ Gallery at 19’11” X 25’11”.  Please see the attached floor plan for further information under “click here for floorplan” link below.

The outdoor courtyard features a wall at 54” length (excluding double doors) and 14′ 9” height. The back wall of the courtyard is 21′ length (excluding door) and 13′ height. The Main Gallery wall facing Cannon St. Is 65’8” length and 14′ height.  The courtyard is not yet accessible to the public.

The exhibition complex features a front entrance/reception area with a glass facade, and a wheelchair accessible ramp, and includes a back corridor and entrance for loading work, two washrooms, a kitchen area, and an office.

The outdoor exhibition wall features a 8 ft (height) by 36 ft (width) plywood facade on which artworks may be mounted.   Proposals to this measurement specification only are accepted through the annual selections process.  Please note that works on the exterior wall are not insured and participants are encouraged to produce temporary works and disposable/recyclable materials for this wall or print quality works (large format posters etc.)  The Inc. is not responsible for damage to works mounted on the exterior wall.



Submissions are encouraged from regional writers interested in producing short, commissioned text for the upcoming program of exhibitions. We produce 5-6 exhibitions annually of contemporary visual art, each accompanied by a relevant and engaging text in the form of essays, creative non-fiction or short, narrative works. Selected writers will be called upon to respond to the specific content of an exhibition and produce an essay of up to 1000 words for distribution through a printed text and publication on our website, for which the Inc. will pay a standard, commissioning fee. While all candidates should possess some working knowledge of Contemporary art, we are also interested in establishing contact with writers involved in other fields of research capable of bringing a unique perspective to topical concerns in our programming. Writers of non-art backgrounds as well as emerging artists and writers are therefore encouraged to apply.

Checklist for submissions:

  1. 2 short samples of writing, no longer that 800 words each, (excerpts welcome) saved as a pdf,  representative of your style range and subjects of interest
  2. CV of credentials and previous publications.

Please submit to: For more information about the submissions process, please email or call 905 529 3355.