Lenka Novak

- / Cannon Gallery

Art Crawl:  Mar 9th 7-11 pm
Performances by Karijn de Jong in collaboration with Lenka Novakova:  Friday, March 9th at 8pm and 9 pm

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Lenka Novak's interactive video installation invites the viewer/participant to contemplate the nature of his/her own being through the act of self-reflection within the space. The play of shadows, light, reflected, and refracted image and the repetition of the infinite leads to a contemplative state of mind and projection of one's own self within the personal as well as larger concept of time and space.

Lenka Novak was born in the Czech Republic and lives and works in Canada. In 2010 she completed her MFA at Concordia University, Montreal. Recent residencies include the Kunstnarhuset Messen, Alvik, Norway and the Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has exhibited throughout Canada and internationally, including exhibitions at Bain Saint-Michel, Montreal, QC, ‘Aqua Ephemere’ and at the 11th DMZ Art Festival, Seokjang-Ri Art Gallery, Republic of Korea.

Karijn de Jong is a Hamilton-based  artist who started showing her work locally in 2005.  Not formerly trained in any particular medium she enjoys variety working with: installation, written word, has recently taken interest in performance art and music. She draws from a history working in picture framing, the use of found objects, contemplations of society, obscurity and synchronicity, often touching on environmental/social and philosophical themes.