Angela Marino, Amanda McKinney Sparrow, and Vick Naresh

- / James Gallery

Art has often served as a tool for exploring personal and collective identity. Artists have been attempting to understand the world around them through practices of self-representation for thousands of years. With the invention of sophisticated mirrors and photography, artists’ ability to depict themselves became easier. The advent of affordable film cameras gradually placed authorship in the hands of not only artists but the general public as well. As a result, our definition of portraiture has expanded and grown incredibly complex over the last several decades. Regardless of the approach or medium at hand, self-representation is now a common, perhaps even an everyday practice. The question remains, what do portraits say about our sense of self? How do these depictions communicate relationships with community, the world, or the universe? Inner Dialogue brings together works by artists Angela Marino, Amanda McKinney Sparrow, and Vick Naresh who each investigate identity through diverse styles of portraiture painting.

This exhibition is accompanied by a critical essay written by Eva Morrison, which can be accessed HERE. Morrison is an artist and curator based in Montreal.

about the artists:

Angela Marino is from Hamilton, Ontario and received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Art History at McMaster University. She also has a Bachelor of Education from Brock University. Angela is a graduate from the University of Alberta, getting her Masters of Fine Arts in Painting. Working predominantly in acrylics with mix media elements, Angela is primarily interested in exploring the way disease affects the mentality and temporality of the body. Visit:

Amanda McKinney Sparrow is a practicing artist, majoring in drawing & painting at the Ontario College of Art & Design.  For the past 20 years Amanda has taught art in a variety of capacities, with the majority of that time spent at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the later at a Montessori School.   Amanda has been an active volunteer with the Women’s Art Association of Hamilton, since 2008.

Vick Naresh is a contemporary artist currently working and living in Hamilton, Canada. His ongoing body of work is an exploration in figurative abstraction that delves into metaphorical narratives tackling social contemporary & personal themes like post-colonial displacement & identity in a modernist context. His practice is influenced by a recognizable, yet undefined language of qualifying imagery mixed with geometric configurations & representations of imaginary environments further expanded with the use of visceral colour harmonies. These works index moments of reflection in an immaterial universe, attempting to comprehend the ethereal while superimposing layered memories. Visit

Eva Morrison is a painter and critic based in Tiohti:áke/Montreal. Her writing has recently been published by STEPS, Culture Days, and Winnipeg Arts.