June 21st was a fine day as we launched the floating houseboat sculptures at Princess Point. It rained briefly at the 1:00 start time, but despite this a crowd gathered to cheer the artists on. By the time Tor Lukasik Foss installed the final floating sculpture, the sun was out and his crew were sweating. An excellent group effort was made by all, especially artists Susan Detwiler, Tor Lukasik-Foss, Steve Mazza, Noel Harding, and David Acheson. Thanks to our administrator Donna Lee MacDonald, the Royal Botanical Gardens staff headed by the excellent aquatic specialist Tys Theysmeyer, and the curator, Nora Hutchinson - the day went off without a hitch. The installation can be viewed at Princess Point, Cootes Paradise until June 5th. Please check the link on our website for instructions on how to get to Princess Point. If you take the downtown trolley to the trolley at waterfront, you could stop off at the Saturday Sabawoon bazaar before getting on a second trolley for the scenic view of the waterfront with a final destination at Princess Point.