Gabriela Alonso and Nelda Ramos


by Gabriela Alonso, Nelda Ramos, and the Zonadearte Gallery Artists, from Quilmes, Argentina



The video compilations from the Zonadearte database include documentation of work presented during the annual Zonadeartenacción Festivals (2005-2008). The compilations contain fragments of performances by participating International artists. The curators chose works that represent a cross section of artistic production at both the local and International level, with the intent of encouraging cultural exchange/dialogue and research/production. The compilations have been divided into works that involve a LIVE performance (where the presence of the performer is integral to the work) gathered under the title "REAL YEARS", which are juxtaposed with works that contain still photography and video art, gathered under the title "VIRTUAL YEARS".

The 1st Zonadeartenacion Festival of live art, photography and urban interventions was founded in 2005. In 2006, we held a second festival thanks to the collaboration of Calixto Saucedo, with Osvaldo Glesso, Joaquin Amat and the Varalenses Artists Association - who offered their facilities for the actions. In 2007, we held an Art Action exchange with le Lieu, a contemporary arts centre located in Quebec City, QC. This exchange developed through a visit to our country by Richard Martel and artists of le Lieu, who were searching for new spaces for exchange projects. There were artists not only from Argentina and Canada in this exchange, but also from France, Cuba and Northern Ireland. The festival continues to grow beyond our expectations, and so we ran, enveloped by a spirit of freedom and energy, with which we wish to continue. - Gabriela Alonso

Zonadeartenaccion Festival

En 2005 se llevo a cabo el primer festival de arte de accion, foto performance, video and videoperformance e intervenciones urbanas. En 2006, gracias a la colaboracion de Nelda Ramos y Calixto Saucedo con Osvalo Glesso, Joaquin Amat y la Asociacion de Artistas Varelenses - quienes esta ves ofrecieron sus espacios como sede para la accion- se ha llevado a cabo el Tercer Festival Internacional Zonadearteaccion 06 - Foto performance and Videoperformance. En 2007, se realizo el intercambio de arte de accion con Le Lieu, centro de arte actual, ubicado en Quebec, Canada. Este intercambio comenzo a gestarse en abril del 2005, cuando Richard Martel y artistas de le Lieu visitan nuestro pais, en busca de nuevos espacios con los que pudiera intercambiar proyectos. En este encuentro, no solo han particpado artistas argentinos y canadienses, sino tambien accionistas de Francia, Cuba e Irlanda del Norte, que fueron protagonistas activos. Zonadeartenaccion crece mas alla de nuestras expectativas, corre y nos envuelve con aires de libertad y energia, la que no queremos desaprovechar.
- Gabriela Alonso

Women in Action - Latin Video Performance, curated by Gabriela Alonso and Nelda Ramos.
This video includes the work of:

Cintia Clara Romero – Argentina /Karina Cortez - Ecuador
Anabel Vanoni – Argentina /Amapola Prada – Perú /
Valeria Andrade – Ecuador /Eli Neira - Chile
Soledad Sanchéz Goldar – Argentina /Paola Montoya – México
Verónica Meloni – Argentina /Gabriela Alonso – Argentina
Nelda Ramos - Argentina