FEAST hamilton is a new community micro-funding event and is looking for Artists Project Proposals.  FEAST  (Funding Engaging Actions and Sustainable Tactics) is a series of community dinners and micro-funding events that bring people together with the aim of supporting local projects through funds raised at each FEAST event.

In exchange for dinner (Thursday, April 25) and a ballot, attendees donate $20 towards the evenings project grant, which are presented during dinner and dessert.  The project with the most votes is awarded the raised funds.

How FEAST hamilton works:

1.  Buy a ticket for a FEAST dinner

2.  Enjoy dinner, conversation, and project presentations with your friends and community

3.  Vote for the project you would like to fund

4.  Be part of a great night and a community that funds projects.

for more information check out the FEAST hamilton blog.


Proposals are due Thursday, April 15.

Project proposals for FEAST hamilton should include:

1. A Project Summary
2. Basic Budget / How will you use this money?  (estimated at $700)
-we’re not asking for an overly detailed budget.  But do keep in mind that the FEAST Hamilton voters want to know how your spending the funds.
3. How is this project experimental / a new development in your practice?
4. Contact information. 
5. Supporting images or visuals
6. CV & Bio
-these do not need to be included in your presentation.
FEAST hamilton is open to Hamilton area artists or projects taking place within the city.


REMEMBER: You will be the one presenting your proposal at FEAST hamilton and therefore must be there.  Your proposal should be short (5-10 mins each), keep it brief, compelling, and clear.
Please make sure your presentations are both PC and MAC compatible.  We suggest a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 for your images.
* Keep your presentation focused on the idea.
* Create a visually interesting presentation. (power point can be very useful.)
send proposals to:  
[All submissions are reviewed by the Inc. & HAC to ensure projects submitted are aligned within FEAST Hamilton & Inc. mandates.  Winning projects are selected by voting diners, not Inc. & HAC staff.]
Would you like to help promote this Call for Artists?  Download the FEAST Call for Artists