Dear Inc. community,

We are joining with so many others in calling for justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet, D’Andre Campbell, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jason Collins, Eishia Husdon, Stewart Kevin Andrews, Ahmaud Arbery and the many other Black and Indigenous people who have died at the hands of police. Many Canadians think racism and police brutality are only American problems, we know this is false.

We are calling on our members, supporters and the greater arts community to stand against anti-Black racism in Canada. As allies, we need to make a lifelong commitment to anti-racism, by being vocal and active against injustice long after the buzz is over. Those of us who don’t face these injustices firsthand have the luxury of moving on or allowing ourselves to forget about them, whereas for Black communities, they are an inescapable, daily reality.

For those who have the means, we encourage you to donate money to organizations led by Black people who are working to dismantle white supremacy. Please support their work just as you support ours. We encourage you to commit to a monthly, recurring donation that can help sustain these organizations for the long haul. We are including some suggestions in this post.

If you are experiencing guilt and shame about your complicity, remind yourself that this is your body pushing you to do better from now on. The work of anti-racism can be messy and uncomfortable, but our discomfort is nothing compared to the violence our Black neighbours face. Our learning must always be ongoing. We are suggesting some incredible books about anti-Black racism in Canada as a place to start. In the movement against racism and white supremacy, we must remember that we are here to support and amplify the voices and needs of Black people, not to overshadow them with our presence.

Like you, we are trying to learn and be more present in our communities instead of merely performing our solidarity online. As an organization committed to dismantling harmful structures, we call on you to hold us accountable to our commitments to anti-racism and anti-oppression. We welcome your feedback at any time. 

The Inc. Team 

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We will be donating all sales from our online merchandise store to the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion, who do amazing anti-racism work in our community. That means if you purchase a $25 tote bag from us, we will give that full amount to HCCI. We have a limited number of artist-designed tote bags, t-shirts, sculptures and pins available for purchase here on our website. Shipping is free.


Remembering Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Colour killed by Canadian police written by Desmond Cole


The Skin We’re In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power - Desmond Cole
Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present - Robyn Maynard
BlackLife: Post-BLM and the Struggle for Freedom - Rinaldo Walcott and Idil Abdillahi
Until We Are Free: Reflections on Black Lives Matter in Canada - Sandy Hudson, Syrus Marcus Ware, Rodney Diverlus
The End of Policing - Alex S. Vitale (Free e-book)


Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion
Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association of Hamilton and District
Disability Justice Network of Ontario
Coalition of Black and Racialized Artists
The SPACE Youth Centre
Empowerment Squared
Rafiki Hamilton
Hamilton Youth Poets


Black Lives Matter Toronto
Black Legal Action Centre
Taibu Community Health Centre
Black Health Alliance
Black Creek Community Farm
Black Artists Union
Nia Centre for the Arts

And many others! Do your own research and find organizations that you’d like to support.


Toronto Protestor Bail Fund