INC.spots: Ignition Edition
Saturday, February 29 from 2:00-4:00 pm

INC.spots is an artist talk event featuring local artists and Inc. members. It’s an opportunity for artists and community members to meet, discuss art and exchange ideas. Inspired by the Pecha Kucha presentation style of fast-paced and concise presentations, INC.spots allows artists to gain professional development in the area of presentation skills and personal artistic development.

This event will include artist talks by artists currently exhibiting in Ignition 8, Dean Hossack, Celine Jeong and Alexandra Roberts, as well as past Ignition Award winners Katherine A. Laird (2019), Sarah Sproule (2018) and Kristina Durka (2017). Ignition is Hamilton Artists Inc.’s annual award for distinction in McMaster University's studio art program. It provides a launchpad to ignite the careers of Hamilton’s next generation of artists through a professional exhibition and dedicated mentorship.

Do you want to meet fellow artists? Are you interested in discussing art and exchanging ideas? Join us for INC.spots on February 29! Free event, everyone is welcome!

About the Presenters:

Dean Hossack is a multigenerational Canadian who grew up in Ancaster Ontario. Continually surrounded by stories of family history Dean’s work continues to carry and explore the same values, while displaying and questioning what it means to be with someone through the subtleties of simply painting birds.

Celine Jeong is a Korean-Canadian student artist making mixed-media drawings,  installations and dioramas. Through her practice, she explores the tensions within  childhood death narratives, and their impact on one’s conceptualization of death. She is  also interested in the disquieting implications underlying narratives constructed by  childhood authorities, both religious and parental. She is currently in her fourth and final  year in the McMaster Studio Arts program.

Alexandra Roberts is an artist born in Richmond Hill, Ontario and currently studies Studio Art at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Alexandra has always been interested in drawing and music from a young age having been influenced and encouraged by her parents and their prominent love of music and art. She now pursues her love for both by creating music, soundscapes and animated videos that communicates themes of mental health and other personal themes.

Katherine A. Laird is an inter-media artist fusing photo-lithography, etching and re-imagined print processes activated by digital GIFs, dimensional collage and installation. While considering the relationship of nature and invasive human existence, she explores the impact of human intervention on the environment through conceptual and speculative fictions in the new Anthropocene. Laird confronts this theme by exploring surreal landscapes and narratives that are grounded in realities, histories, social systems and biologies that engage in the greatest challenge of our time, climate change. Laird has exhibited in Venice, Italy in Tocolieri Canadese a Venezia in May 2017, BIMPE X, in Western Canada in 2018, and 2019 SGC International Print Conference, Texchange, in Denton Texas, USA.

Sarah Sproule is an emerging artist and arts administrator with a BFA in Studio Art and BA in Art History from McMaster University. Sarah works primarily in sculpture, ceramics, and the casting and mould making process. Her work explores the relationship between the body and her experience of fatness, disability, and queerness.

Kristina Durka is an interdisciplinary artist from Hamilton, Ontario. She has completed a BFA at McMaster University in 2017. She has exhibited across Southern Ontario, and is presently engaged in a year-long residency through McMaster University and the Hamilton Artists Inc. at the Cotton Factory. In her current practice she is exploring self-reflective work inspired by abnormal growths on the body and the relationship with her rabbit.