October 11 - November 4, 2012

Opening Reception, Thursday October 11, 7 – 9:30 pm

Paul Lattanzi

Lattanzi is a self-taught visual artist. His interest in art was triggered, many years ago, by his many artists and musician friends’ dedication to art. A great admirer of their work, Paul was inspired to try his hand at creating art.  Recently, he has produced a series of collages that are a visual depiction of famous musicians whose music affected his life. Each collage relates to specific moments and memories.

David Lattanzi

David Lattanzi is an adult living with autism and Paul is his caretaker. They are a father and son team.  Music is central to David’s life as it provides a safe playing field. Paul organizes David’s activities through music.  With Paul, David attends various musical events some of which encourage participants to dance.  Remarkably, he shows no inhibition and even finds dance partners.

Recently, Paul introduced David to a new “Paint to Music program” offered by The Salvation Army’s Centre for Autistic Adults.

With music, David can go through the mirror; he can dance with people and express himself through painting. Music is his passport to social inclusion.

David McEachern

McEachern explores the local music scene with the belief that music is the most significant cultural manifestation of our time and favours social inclusion. He relentlessly covers events in Hamilton and the GTA to capture performers in their moments of passionate expression. That passion is the universal appeal that captures and frees at the same time.