A black drawing on a white background depicting a person wearing a sheet with two holes cut out for eyes. The person is wearing striped socks and is holding a leash. The leash is attached to a small dog who appears to be floating.

Hamilton Artists Inc. is pleased to welcome Brianna Seferiades, our new Gallery Assistant! Read on to learn more about Brianna.

Hello! My name is Brianna Seferiades (she/her) and I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Hamilton, ON.

I studied Art History and Theatre at McMaster University and completed my studies in 2019 with BA degrees from both programs. Theatrical design, specifically set and costumes, was my main focus during school and is still a huge part of my creative work today.

My theatre practice is often in collaboration with Kitoko Mai, co-creator of a newly founded arts collective called Don’t Touch. We are avid fans of fantasy, science fiction, and magic realism. Because of our shared wish to see ourselves reflected in the kinds of media we love, we tell stories together that centre marginalized and oppressed folks who are often poorly represented in our favourite genres or left out entirely.

My personal art practice is themed around mental illness and feelings of alienation. I play with the juxtaposition of things that are deemed “beautiful” and things that are deemed “grotesque.” For me, the clashing subject matter reflects how the world looks for someone who exists outside of the so-called norm. I am also interested in how we determine whether something is lovely or disgusting and why.

Some of my favourite mediums are pencil drawing, ink drawing, digital art, and needle felting. I love doing crafts and am currently working on improving my sewing skills. I am also, forever and ever, working on my drawing skills.

I am so very excited to be working as a gallery assistant at Hamilton Artists Inc. It brings me great happiness to have a job that not only allows me to learn more about art, but also gives me an opportunity to be directly involved with supporting and celebrating the artists in my community.