Wednesday, August 1 from 7-9 pm

Please join us Wednesday, August 1, from 7-9 pm for an evening of spoken word poetry by Six Nations artist Kahsenniyo Tahnee Williams. Enjoy an evening performance in our ArcelorMittal Dofasco Courtyard followed by a publication launch, celebrating the conclusion of the exhibition [Res]idual, curated by Chelsea Brant. An evening of empowering words and thought-provoking artwork, take home a copy of [Res]idual's publication with writing by Chelsea Brant, Shelley Niro, and tunchai redvers, and enjoy some light refreshments. Event is free and open to everyone.

About the Exhibition

Reflecting on contemporary challenges Indigenous peoples encounter in present-day Canada and the lingering effects felt from years of assimilation and marginalization, [Res]idual brings together five Indigenous female artists from culturally diverse nations to speak to lived experiences of colonization in the 21st century.

Uniquely chosen, works by Audie Murray, KC Adams, Tania Willard, Thirza Jean Cuthand and tunchai redvers discuss larger economic, political and social hierarchical systems using tropes of humour, satire and appropriation. The artworks chosen collectively convey the separation of Aboriginal peoples from mother earth, their communities, methods of communication and their sense of cultural identity. The themes of land, love, loss and language weave throughout the exhibition, highlighting a narrative of adaptation and resistance to the dominant culture. Intellectually evocative, [Res]idual re-centers Indigenous female art practices and in doing so, diverts the male, Euro-centric art world through Indigenous agency.

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